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How We're Maintaining a Healthy Plant-Based Diet with Limited Food Options


Cova is actually forcing us to stretch and expand and creative new recipes because we have such finite and different ingredients that we have to love Ridge. So there's some silver lining I think. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's a great story. Like no no I. Actually I agree with you and really even outside of Cornell virus or Cova Nineteen I. I love it when we're at home. And we don't have a lot of the ingredients. We would normally have to like hit up. Are you know kind of stable recipes And we're forced into experimental doing something a little different. I actually really like it when that happens. And it doesn't happen all that often normally in life because we go to the grocery store once or twice a week and never really run out of stuff so it is Kinda you know. It's kind of Nice that we're the least. Katy and I are being forced into thinking outside the box a little bit when may have all this pantry? Non Perishable stuff that But not as much fresh food as as normally would yeah. I've been talking to a few of my friends like going at town in the kitchen and not known as real quick you know. They're getting so much more because they have that extra time and actually diving more into the plant based world too because it really is. There's so much more variety if you think about it when you replace plant based meets instead of real meat it's like you got tofu. And you've got vegan sausage veggie ground got lentils and Tempe Elvis other stuff that you can really adventure out with now if you haven't been Vegan or haven't been plant based Over the last few years like us. So Yeah I've got. I've had a few people reach out to me and say I've tried Vegan back and cheese. I've tried you know veggie ground for the first time and I think that's pretty cool Do you WanNa go through like what? We're what we've been eating in the quarantine like a great idea like what? How have you have been approaching food over the last the last week or so? I'm really excited because I recently discovered a new green technically. It's a precarious. I think there's a lot of Moss on the rocks around my house and so even talking to eating boss even be that bad boulder right. I mean surely you know I'm a little bit more terrified and probably my neighbors. You guys 'cause You know as you know. We've got a new baby coming this week writer in the next week and And so I'm really trying not to go to the grocery store and like even packages we get from Amazon. Like I wear rubber gloves and I put them into quarantine in my garage. Four days hoping the virus will die in the event. That like the mailman was sake right. Like I'm I'm really taking it to an extreme because you know the the The stakes are little higher for us. Of course I'm going into the lion's den into the hospital with my wife so that's really disconcerting and a whole different subject but no. I haven't started eating Moss but given what we know about algae right like I perhaps you know. There's there's I can senator scientists complement and see what kind of long chain fatty acids might exist in Moss Moss called. Yeah that you've been saving going out and and grabbing this off of your auto no so disclaimer for Julia and anyone else who didn't realize freaking out. Do not eat the mosque on your property. I don't know what will happen. We'll probably find a new PSYCHEDELIC as a result of this podcast. Someone's like the coolest looking towed. I've I've not actually. I'm standing in my office right now. Looking out across a ravine see this giant rock with a ton of Masan it so I was just thinking to myself like if I had to go forage. That'd probably be the first thing I look at. You know yeah okay. So if you're not eating us what what are you eating? You can go first Julia Ghost. Okay so I mean. It hasn't changed a ton but I wake up and make a big green smoothie so I actually just posted a smoothie recipe on my website hooked on plans with compliment in their complement proteins. Medicinal Mushrooms too and I always just pack it to the Brim. With Greens not loss. I've got Kale and spinach. And even through some sprouts in there sometime sprouts are really good especially now because they boost your immunity tons of antioxidants in there. They last quite a while in the fridge too. So stock up on sprouts and then I have a bunch of frozen bananas in the Freezer at all times in Ziplock bag so throw a couple of those in there and a cup or two of frozen berries and blend that up and then if you need a little sweetness he can add a couple of dates or something like that but I always have like three big smoothies throughout the day. That both Davey and I sip on so it's always good when you when you're hungry but you need a little boost of immunity and really good nutrition so always a smoothie. I go for my run still. I know that we're quarantine but there's nobody outside in our trails. So do that and then come back and have overnight oats and it's just something that I've fallen in love with. I actually had a breakfast cereal before. Now I'm not doing that anymore. But it overnight notes with buckwheat oats and Macha and dates. And what else do we throw? They're a little bit of Maple Syrup. And then I just soak overnight the easiest thing in the entire world with whatever your plant milk favorite is and then you top it off in the morning with some coconut yogurt and a bunch of fruit. So that's super feeling and delicious and have a match or something to and then lunch. I kinda snacker when it comes to let j love like Hamas and veggies and some kind of yummy crackers or something like that or even like Romaine dipped in Hamas super crisp Romaine and apples and dates and I just love snacking at lunch. I don't know why maybe it's like a kid thing that I've always had and we've been trying to get out and do something in the day away from people so something outside when is beautiful and sunny outside because it's just like you know everyone's a little bit anxious right now and you just need a little of that extra boost of energy and like feel goodness so we're not on. Full lockdown were quarantined away from people and getting out and going for ski tour in the mountains or go for bike ride or something just feels so good at man for dinners. That's like that's when you can get super creative and like I was saying my friends are just exploring the whole vegan realm a little more so I'm helping them out but just last night name off one meal we had passed out with. I actually need like a kind of the bean sauce to thicken up the tomato sauce. So out of white beans you just add that to the blender you add some nutritional yeast and some kind of like a spices garlic and onion. And what else do a little salt little museau paste in Dijon and that makes such a Yummy creamy kind of sauce and you could use cash used to but I liked the lower fats lighter version and then he can add that to your pot of like red pasta sauce. I just I had it from the can or from the jar because it's just easy. There isn't past sauce in there through that extra bean sauce in there. It's nice and thick and with some sauteed onions mushrooms and a few extra vegetables and then you can add in some cooked lentils or we had some Eve's Veggie ground round so it's not as whole Foodie but a little more fun for the quarantine veggie ground grounded on meet kind of thing. Yeah Yeah so. Throw that in there and then passed Got this kind of passed a Bellona's that's Kinda creamy and delicious. It was so good. Yeah we've been doing a bullying as as well with by with lentils and Like cashew cream tomato sauce. So frigging good I. I don't know why we just discovered that it was a recipe from Isa. Does it just discovered not that long ago? A couple months before all this happened. But it's been actually something we've been talking to a lot because you know lintels are are easy dryden we can cook them up really easily and then just add some tomato sauce and a little bit of cashew cream and so good

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