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Wish away something that in fact were not able to change entirely right now


Our fellow new Yorkers to this disease so we got a tough time ahead and that's obviously particularly true in our healthcare system I wanna take a moment to talk to all those who are doing it straordinario E. valiant work right now all over New York City doctors nurses and all healthcare workers everyone who works in a hospital whatever your job is every single one of you are doing something heroic and really difficult and absolutely necessary to save the lives of your fellow new Yorkers there's a phrase we use we say people gone above and beyond the call well all of you are doing that now and not a made the way that we're gonna remember we're not discount remember next week or next month or next year we're gonna remember for the rest of the history of New York City and Ford will be part of a chapter in the city's history that will be unforgettable that all of you stood up all of you showed up all of you gave your all under very very trying circumstances because none of us have experienced anything like this and it came out of nowhere so I want to say on behalf of all eight point six million new Yorkers a thank you to all our healthcare workers and

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Wish away something that in fact were not able to change entirely right now

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