Dr. Todd McCarty and Dr. Justin Hovey from the Alabama College of Ostepathic Medicine discuss COVID 19


I just heard each of you say is that until we have seen There still will be the potential for spread and yet We aren't going to see that by June I in some states talking about opening back up potentially that soon I guess my first question to each of you is. Is that too soon if we do it? Inappropriate staged steps and in two. Besides the vaccine. Are there any other technologies that are being developed right now that might allow us to better monitor the public at large for they have the disease or not? Well I think testing is going to be key to kind of reverse course where we are right now. We're going to have to have widespread testing. So if you have antibody testing net will allow to know that someone has been exposed or does have immunity. People who've been exposed may not have complete immunity to the virus. Either So it's GonNa have to be a combination in my mind of testing but you're gonNa have to socially distance. You're going to have to wear masks. You'RE GONNA have to take appropriate precautions. You just can't guarantee that if we're not passed the peak far enough and we reopened too. Soon we will go back through this all over again. A lot of people will die. Obviously we don't want the economy to fail and we don't want people to be out of work for long periods of time. We also need to protect life. Yeah I definitely agree with Justin. I think The conversation around reopening the economy in fashion is going to be carried on the back of where the question we're bask ourselves and how did we end up in position to begin with well? We had inadequate had access to testing Inadequate application of the testing that we had as well. And so there's GonNa be a second way it's inevitable people are gonNA get out is GonNa be interactions in the community and We'll see a rising cases again. It's a matter of how much and how well can. We detect them so we have to have an ability to have huge amounts of testing and repeated testing infrequent type thing and it has to be available all across the country and every community can't beat sort of isolated pockets that have better access than other parts of the country and I think the the rebuild In the reintroduction of society is going to be very very region dependent Yet and I think as much as we need to have kind of a background of of ability to test and identify we also have to make sure that became careful the new infection. That are still to come. Do we have we reestablish. The supply chain does PP to help protect healthcare workers when these patients do up in the hospital. Do we have treatment data around some of these investigational agents say okay? We'll these drugs will work. This can limit some of the morbidity and mortality when people do get infected. And if we can't say yes to these questions I'm a really really big skeptic that there's GonNa be a significant progress back towards a normal economy and I think a vaccine is the answer to getting back to a truly normal economy and are sort of way of life that we were used to. I think there's GonNa be a middle ground new normal that we're going to live on for quite some period of time while we wait for those things to happen. Some things were a little bit closer to having answers at the moment that we did two months ago. The whole nation learned a lot in the past couple of months but they're still far for war to learn in the coming weeks and months We have to be prepared for a lot of false dawns you know in the process to be very very slow we do. There's the two plus week lag time in any sort of intervention and seeing what kind of impact has instead of has to be very gradual very measured with very clear guidance on if this them that if you rise above a certain rate then you've got to walk it Back Down. GotTa happen quickly. This is not the new normal. But it's the now

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