New show 'Defending Jacob' is a homecoming for Chris Evans


Superhero movie star Chris Evans plays a more down to earth role in defending Jacob it's a limited series on apple TV plus about a prosecutor whose son is accused of murder NPR's TV critic Eric deggans says the show which debuts today fits into a troubling trend in television there was a growing genre of TV drama in our streaming saturated times that I have given INEC the almost quality drama now these shows have big stars lofty concepts gritty premises and huge ambitions but they're not quite good enough to be the next handmaid's tale or succession if there were fewer streaming services around they might not have even gotten may which brings us to apple TV pluses defending Jacob and the character played by star Chris Evans Andrew Stephen barber can you state your occupation please as an assistant district attorney in this building for ten years was so you're no longer employed as a prosecutor for Middlesex County is that correct yes that's right any barber is sitting in some sort of proceeding answering questions from a supercilious prosecutor about the worst of it and his family's life playing Barbour Evans hides the chiseled good looks that made him such a hit as Marvel's Captain America behind a bushy brown beard and an air of defeated resignation but let's not move too fast here first consider the crime that set all this

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