An Interview with South African Golfer Erik van Rooyen

No Laying Up


Want you to tell me absolutely everything. You can't about golf club that CHAPULTEPEC because I love watching this golf course I promise. There's not one detail I went to get by about playing it. Used COMING OFF A T. Three finish I just want you to kind of walk us through some of the considerations that go into play in that course because they talk about the altitude of course on the broadcast. It's not a direct translation of like. Oh now my eight iron goes this far because of all the different heights and stuff so right. What kind of adjustments do you make before this tournament? It's interesting because usually so I grew up. Bob Played logoff in Johannesburg South Africa and the difference is about ten percents so when a plan Janice Burke I play straight meters and it works great. Is that your stock yardage? Won't you play here play yards so say my nine goes one hundred and fifty eight hundred fifty five meters in Johannesburg. It goes one hundred fifty five yards here interesting so it's pretty close. But then we get to Japan Deepak. And it's like okay bowls going even further than Giannis books on the Tuesday. We hit every club in the bag. Just write it down straight. How is it going and track men track man and that's it? He had all the numbers in each Irish book. And I was like okay. How far is it nine? Ongo again or the eight on well about one hundred and eighty seven. Here's a. But then if you are if you're hitting a ninety five percent nine iron. Is it a direct? Does that really change how much it's going to fly compared to a regular golf course like? What are those kind of adjust? I try to not over. Think it too in the fate happened on even back on Sunday. A sixteen I was in between it was either a full wedge but the braves is a little into us. I think it was a hundred and fifty one of the pen and sixteen in a massive slow behind it. You can use a slip if you want and so we decided on taking a little nine and I was like okay but I've got a little bit of this. How am I doing that again? So it okay. But I think if you've gone over think it is going to get quite complicated yet but it's interesting. I don't feel like we see a golf course on tour where we see more guys get more mystified on the distance. The balls go right. I mean we're watching your shot into seven on Sunday. I think it was Sunday right. Excellent we watched guys go long on that day we tell people hitting the tree and everything like that but it just seems like it's a golf course that makes you guys at. Maybe not you finished tied for third. Maybe not may be the guy to ask about this but makes people uncomfortable. A little bit does does especially. If you're not in use it you know and it's funny I think when you get to sort of the mid irons seven six eight nine. It almost takes a little bit more because at ball gets up a little bit and we spoke about We do WanNa hit the high one just account for that little bit extra orage. Because it's GonNa go that extra bit further. You just had to get comfortable with it. We see every almost every year this tournament. Guys that hit it really far succeed. And if you adjust for altitude the courses equivalent of like sixty four hundred yards doesn't play. That long doesn't play that long. But why why would long drivers succeed there? I don't know it's a good question. I just think it's a golf 'cause again at its it's similar to courses in. Johannesburg and I grew up on us. I was very even lossiemouth system applied comfortable then. I think it's a golf course. It looks really tight but take whole four for example. Huge dog laughed. If you're going to hit drave got left because it's fairly simple punch out to the green and every holes Kinda got aside like that You know eight for example you have to miss it right dog right up the hill. If you left screwed you gotTa Punch out so you know which sites here driver wherever you want to. You're going to have a chance at least punch out to the green or get it around the green somewhere seeking up and down for par. But if you're going to play conservatively and you then mess here in trouble so I think part of the reason why we love watching so much is it feels a lot like the experiment of if if the the best players in the world are GONNA play. What of course that kind of looks like our local Munich overgrown yeah and just kind of weird bunkers around the green but guys seem to love playing and obviously you've had success or whatever. What is it about that makes it so fun to play? I think it's GonNa mix of everything you've got the short hauls you've got one which is really exciting. You know Gaza him to on on the green three woods and yet dot abounds right there to the left if you miss it too exciting long-hauls like eight really good par threes seven. It's going to be one of the baseball threes we play. Oh yeah I mean after you? Great show say tree. You wouldn't have been settled. I hit the tree. Freakin covers like off of the It's a tricky one. It's got a lot of everything it gives you know Sunday. There's a lot of pens. We can use some slopes and get a close with a whole lot of exciting stuff. What's IT I mean? So Co again. We're talking about of course the you're playing plays very differently than the rest of the courses you've been in pressure situations before and but now you're playing golf course that has this weird altitude factor In a high pressure situation Sunday did that feel any different than the other high pressure situations. You've been in on Sundays now. Pretty similar of you know if I think back in Sweden last year I was more nervous on Sunday in Europe and then I was This this this last week on Saturday I was actually the drain. Hundred was all over the place and then Sunday was quite calm. Funny Enough I shot four under this adds. There's all one hundred Sunday so I think I did. Okay and do you do anything differently? At altitude you set out when you start out the week. Are You hydrating better? I believe you've had. He got hit with food poisoning. The Eagles screwed bring that on himself. Are you what do you do with food wise? Like how do you make sure you don't get hit with what hits a lot of people in Mexico You know we went to a nice restaurant in the hotel tippin. Yawkey good Japanese food. He says it was shrimp. That we all eat the shrimp. I think he went back and add something different afterwards but yeah he was out. Thursday he was went back to the Italian sleep the whole day so actually at my trainer on the bag and heated. Okay Club the club me. Bad Club on AIDS or sixteen holes. He gave you a bad club. Is it three would drive? And he's like Nana hit. The driver and I hit it laughed. I wasn't supposed to go gave him the guy but we did okay in the end. It's all good well. This is perfect timing because we tease you before. We going to do our Calloway ad for you. We're GONNA make you add Lib it but the one thing I was adjusted to ask about was the maverick three would you? Yeah what's your feedback on that? I loved it the minute I got up behind. A bowl think it sits really good. It's kind of like a classic three would for me and I'm kind of an old school guy like I don't have any persimmon clubs but I'd love to have some one day. I love a good Blade Iron. So that looks like just a classic looking through it. I like it. One of our guys is claiming that the jaws wedges mart should be illegal. They should be illegal because the grooves are so good on them and they're literally wanted me to ask you about whether what you think of the grooves on the switches. I spoke to You. Think he should have been disqualified for using illegal. I don't think so spokes Rodrick Cleveland about and he's not working for callaway at the Genesis obviously got so much knowledge and they've actually got little miniature groups in between the actual cruise. You know I didn't know that you do get a lot of spin on them. It was context as that. That was the frightening part for me. Was sometimes I would get crazy. Good Spin but what are you? That concludes the AD portion of this much of a tinker with equipment. I mean how often will you do you consider? Where do you fall in the spectrum? I guess when I probably prefer not to change obviously I think like any golf perfect. We all love getting. You couldn't love seeing the latest stuff but if something works for me I'm GONNA I'm GonNa keep it in the bag. Don't really like to change unless I see significant improvement. Yeah what. What is the feedback on the joggers? Somehow I knew this was go. Of course I can't believe I made this is Ed's is really all over the ballpark to be honest people. It's so polarized what people get so worked up about it. I'm very okay. It doesn't bother me. People either love it or absolutely hates that have gone some meshes instagram. So on lady in Lee Massachusetts says surely got enough money to go buy some property tie for the conference and then I get guys at say absolutely love it wake and I get it. So it's no middle ground extra comfortable like what is really cockney appeal of the convenient at the same time you know. I think I think they look good. Yes it's different and people probably done like that too much but what in Golf? No Way people love. The sport is so good at the time so I think I don't know I don't mind the fact that it's a little extending are just a little bit but then again I'm not a huge fan of those loudmouthed pants. That are all these different kinds of colors. Were those the two options you were. But I think I think it's. It's it's a little different it at the same time. So neat and clean well. I honestly do think it's underrated. Part of the highest levels of pro golf. That you have to wear pants eighty-five in hot is new. And it's truly not comfortable to play golf in that paints have come to. I know that sounds stupid to save. It could even looking at some of the. We're with Brad Faxon. They're looking at some of the old cotton shirts. Right Hands Right. Yeah the idea of wearing pants and eighty five degree heat. I know that there's a lot that comes with a minor thing to deal with a right but it is like when you're playing poorly in your pants and your hot Yeah new European they. They made a rule now. If it gets above a certain temperature they allow you to wish awards but I mean just make it across the board. I mean why not yes. I'm not quite sure I can only go back to something you said earlier and not feeling super nervous on Sunday. A couple of things one. I'm curious how how how to how it different from Scandinavia like you're talking about and then three like there's a lot on the line for you personally stars like where you're GonNa be playing how much you can walk up all that kind of stuff. It's a lot of questions I think about all those things. I just any other little four foot writer. That you've got going is going into the week or going into Sunday. What what are those things that are on on your mind? Music like special temporary membership and that kind of for how I it's it's in the back you mind. I'M GONNA TRY THAT. I'm trying to get my PJ to card But I mean. I've been doing this for quite a while. Now. And if that's going to be at the forefront of your mind going on Sunday you're definitely not going to be ready to go win major tournaments. You've got kind of put it in the Freezer. You know until you're done so it's not easy. Obviously wing then golf tournament was forefront of my mind throughout the whole day but if God just go do your job as well as he can so what. Walk us through kind of that that we were talking about trying to get your car right. So let's catch people up that people that are not as familiar with your career to this point and I want to go

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