Drugmaker readies possible coronavirus vaccine for testing


One of the first possible coronavirus vaccines could be tested on humans this as efforts to quarantine people infected with the virus are coming under fire by medical experts KCBS is map Bigler has the latest the drugmaker Madera says it has shipped a potential vaccine for covert nineteen and the Massachusetts company says the government could begin early stage human testing in the U. S. so far over eighty thousand people have been infected by the highly contagious disease and Dr Amash adults jumped at the Johns Hopkins center for health security says the extensive efforts to quarantine people may have been a mistake it is absolutely not the right approach we know that this is a community spreading virus and these containment efforts are ultimately going to prove few tile the what we saw on the princess cruise ship was basically a shooting gallery for this virus to pick up passengers one by one and we increase case counts and actually have some depth because of it he tells KCBS health officials should be working to better prepare communities for the virus's spread getting hospitals ready and increasing vaccine development yesterday the number of infected Americans jumped from thirty four to fifty three nearly all involved former passengers bound the diamond princess cruise ship Matt Bigler

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