Hostage Rewind: The Dos Palmas Kidnappings Pt. 1



Hi It's Irma. Welcome back to podcast rewind. That's where we play a classic episode of hostage that you might have missed on. May Twenty seventh two thousand one American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham ripped from their beds by military insurgents at the Dos Palmas resort in the Philippines. It was an intense year long hostage. Crisis explored in part one of our episodes on the Dos Palmas kidnappings originally airing on October twenty fifth. Two thousand eighteen. This story is seared into my memory because I remember exactly where I was in my life when it was happening and it was. I opening to go deeper into the details on our show. If you'd like to find part two once the episode is over you can search for it within the hostage feed in the meantime enjoy this. Podcast rewind this episode features discussion of kidnapping and extreme violence that some people may find offensive listener discretion is advised especially for children under thirteen the Philippines two thousand one. Gracia Burnham crouched in the corner of a small hospital room as bullets whizzed overhead. The Wall shook is plaster flurried around her. The room filled with a thick dust. That made it hard to breeze. She heard a sickening crack. As one of the insurgents who had taken her hostage fell to the floor blood leaked out from the back of his head and pulled around her shoes. A bullet had pierced his skull and now he laid on the concrete floor choking to death as his brain failed and oxygen left his body. Gracia began to pray not to make it out alive but to die. Quick one bullet to the head so fast she wouldn't know what hitter. A bullet whizzed by her face piercing. The Wall next to her. She cried out for her husband. Martin who was nowhere to be found she was trapped in nightmare. Her scream seemed to evaporate as they left her mouth. She was alone. Kidnapped separated from her family and about to be killed by friendly fire or beheaded by military insurgents. Little gration know that she would survive this ordeal that this bullet incrusted hell. Scape was only the beginning that she was about to be abducted by the most violent militant group in the country and disappear into the depths of the Philippine jungle..

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