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The Marvelous Activity of Breathing


Morning as I had the beginnings mind session she means to unite the mind so basically bring back all the parts to bring all the energy back into this moment in time. I'm going to start off by putting put into the context of the case from the book of Equanimity. That's case three an invitation for the ancestor so preface to the assembly by the by the activity existing before even a hint of this a on a blind turtle faces the fire by the phrase. This transmitted outside of the scriptures mortars. Rim sprouts a flower. Tell me is there something to receive maintain read and recite the main case tension. The ruler of a country in eastern India invited the twenty seventh ancestor Anatara Florida mid morning meal. The real last him. Why don't you read the sutras the ancestor re-pot replied this poll follower of the way when breathing in does not dwell in the realm of the scandals. And when breathing out is not caught up in the many externals. Always Stu I thus turn one hundred thousand million billion rolls of Sutras. The appreciative S. cloud dry no sports. Who the moon and glows embracing. The wooden horse plays in the spring unfeted and fleet beneath his browse to chill blue eyes. One need to read the sutras piercing upside bright white transcendent mind. Vast cow pens or a owns a hero strength tests through nested enclosures. The subtle round hole whole turns marvelous activities the subtle round. Sorry when Kansan forgets the road once he came G TACO will lead him by the hand to return some literary references that but the main reason. I'm reading this is that Breath practice in many ways is is obviously human beings. Is there from beginning to end a lot? A lot of people say breath practices is anything before we move onto more advanced practices. But remember whether you like it or not you breathing from beginning to you know. Basically it's meant to be the first sound in the last sound so and so you know everything that goes in between breathing one of the most difficult things for as human beings especially with our. I don't know multi quite off. The multitasking is given a bad rap. But we tend to get involved in many things not appreciate actually going on at the moment. The moment in time kind of interested in the in the appreciates reverse here says the models activity of Paul. You know we we ever take something so simple as I go online marvelous. This usually that the you know the wheel rims. We've got on on the outside. That will look at look at those naturally spin and make you look like is moving stuff like that. We hardly ever look and simple parks so the marvelous activity of breathing. So people say to me the link of Tara sutro great march great hero March Sutra. And saying you know do you. Do you know much about the Maha pricing apparent metoo now saying no. I know the shortened version of each and every everyone. I know I know a little bit about to. Do you know about the Buddhist past lives that you tackle tales last long now on the on the other side. I did some further studies with Reside Roshii and we're talking about something. He says you know a lot about Buddhism. It doesn't mean anything really doesn't mean much you know you study. They showed you really do well. One of the things was studying is. It's not a matter of gathering facts. Facts are fine. But it's how you really digest those facts and apply them. That's what the Buddhist teachings is like food. You'll have too much. You know. Have enough that you can digest it. And then that most that you can digest you can apply in your life that much apply much transforms your life now sort of going back to this The simple aspect Breathing most people don't appreciate that it's just an alternate. I'll make response. It just occurs doing breath supernatural powers and get people to do but with with this With this breed them again the the main thing about breathing is something. That's going on all the time you know. It's like if a if you're with somebody and they're getting irate. For instance you may say take a deep breath and they're either going to do that something else you know. We're linked with our body. You feel it so with the breathing in the zen school. We say a straighten the body straighten the breathing. I don't know how you straighten the breathing. Pay attention to the green and then the mind follow suit. You don't do it in reverse. Don't mess with the mind to get the body Desisto and that's actually a truth if you if you actually follow it. One of the aspects of She can toss. Hurries is exactly. Why mess with the mind? Just allow the mind to settle and the funny thing is it will but if you stop paying attention to my mind's not com already thinking a bunch of stuff that's going to agitate the mind so the first thing is just really allow settling to occur slight with such in Quite often the first day or so. Is that the mind settling in? Because you'd laugh things at home you know. Did you turn off the gas? You let the dog out which I didn't do this morning. And then eventually you know these things settle and then but then after that then you start looking at. What's going to happen after you finish? So one of the most important things is allowing the mind to settle here and in time. Then that settling becomes more of a base for for living. You know it's not I the agitation is just don't mess with it and then that stillness can be recognized. You practiced by just allowing the mind to set. It will do it now with the breathing and again. I'm talking about technique. Each person has a different way breathe. And so it's important to say to tryout will people talk about in terms of breathing and then after trying some of these things and then just allow your natural breathing to come into place otherwise you may not be breathing in a natural way for you as a human being? I remember when I was in the middle of my basic practice with my zoom urology and he would get us all stirred up with some of these fiery dominated log house. Bow To myself. You've been account from one to ten P tiddly. Good luck for five days. I'm really putting myself into this kid. Frustrate is Hal refining this this Consciousness v day my chest hurt and so much from breath control the. I just had to let go the best thing that ever happened. I've never done that

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The Marvelous Activity of Breathing

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