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What's A 'Super-Spreading Event'? And Has It Happened With COVID-19?


Super spreading events public health officials tracking the covert nineteen outbreak are on the lookout for them the new corona viruses already considered highly contagious it spread from a single city in China to the rest of the world within thirty days super spreading events in which one person infects many others could make the outbreak spread even faster NPR's King Kong explains why last month a British man went to a conference in Singapore and then on a ski trip to the French Alps what he didn't know when he arrived in the Alps was that he was infected with the virus behind the coup bid nineteen outbreak and it appears that during his stay at the ski village he infected eleven other people the World Health Organization says some are calling this a super spreading event Max Lao Emory University models how diseases spread an individual in fact much more profound and there should be co average person early estimates for the new coronavirus suggests that the average infected person usually only spent the two two or three other people the possibility of super sporting events as worried researchers since the new corona virus was discovered it's because in the past super spending events have triggered explosive chains of transmission and other outbreaks Jessica Matt Caffrey searches population and disease dynamics at Princeton University the poster child receives running event happened during the sars outbreak where a huge proportion cases was traced back to this Metropol hotel back in two thousand three there is a doctor treating patients who had sars another corona virus disease he checked into the Metropol hotel in Hong Kong at least thirteen other people on this floor got sick and from that hotel the disease spread to Canada Vietnam and Singapore in twenty fourteen at more than three hundred new a bullet cases were traced to the funeral of a popular healer who died of the disease in Sierra Leone Adam could charge ski studies the dynamics of infectious diseases at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine in a twenty fifteen outbreak of another corona virus in South Korea about two thirds the transmission actually came just two events in hospitals a businessman infected at least twenty six people and one hospital and a person at a different hospital second eighty two other patients visitors and staff both of those instances fast track to the spread of the virus so in that situation if you can avoid this to find happening you you've got a nice yeah so why does super spending happen Jamie Lloyd Smith who studies how diseases spread at UCLA so the factors that cause it very alive it runs the gamut from someone is feeling perfectly well that happens to be spreading virus without knowing it to somebody's quite sick in the active trying to help them puts the virus into the air and exposes people super starting events often happen in hospitals were very sick people get Hosp the procedures that might expose others for their blood are there long fluids Lloyd Smith says that so far super spending events may be happening with the new coronavirus but they don't seem to be causing explosive outbreaks as they did in the early days of sars the question is why is that a biological difference between the two viruses or is it a consequence of you know we actually learned some things about how to deal with these viruses and infection control the case of the man that spread the new coronavirus to eleven others in the Alps health officials believe they caught that situation before it ignited a chain I could have spread coded

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What's A 'Super-Spreading Event'? And Has It Happened With COVID-19?

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