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If you're not familiar with Clavier mini-armada this is a wonderful species. That's native to Southern Africa and their members of the Amer relived. Aca family. That's the Lilly family with strap. Like leaves and Gorgeous. Lily like flowers that are usually orange but come in a radio collar three to read rusty reg yellow. And there's also some with variegated leaves for you variation fans out there and as to the clavier debate. Well they were named after lady Clive. Who was the granddaughter of Robert Clive and Clive of India? So I guess officially it should be Clavier but Steve from implant center and I both ATV so. You're just going to have to deal with that if you happen. To be a proponent of Clavier Steve Hickman is part of a family run. Nursery called the whole implant center in South Yorkshire in the UK and this interview was recorded before lockdown happen so there may be some references to flower shows which normally at this time of year. Steve would be attending with his plants. But of course that's all been curtailed for the moment but that just put it into context as to why that might be mentioned in this episode. Now Steve as well as being an expert and one of the premier breeders of clears in the UK. He's also an expert breeder of Agatha this to bake and narrowings so didn't check out their website something for the Garden Dot Co dot UK which is got loads of information on growing all of these plans including clears and really is a great resource. I'll put some inks in the show notes so you can take a look at that over to Steve to kick us off with some fron tastic useful information about growing these beautiful flooring house plants and he starts buying explaining exactly what court about clears in the first place where first of all we started and we still do A. I'm a few years ago. They outcomes has changed families into Morella. Deysi which covers the cliff is is not to go into the May. Tens of this society amid other girl was principally a guy called Mike Jeans who was then national collection holder and from talking with him and saying the clippers and the fantastic amount to call us. That are available now. Such as Reds Brahms's yellows petits Greens and pinks and from tastic by colours. It really attracted me. I The ship of the leaves like some shape. It's exactly like the ACA pompous impressive with not in flower because of the array of different flower. Colours just fantastic just mind blowing. Libya's went out saying for a long time. Steve Do you think they coming back in fashion? It's a traditional Victorian plot. You say parents and grandparents used to have them up. They used to have they asked pedestrians manly the vote in the oranges and occasionally the yellows but these days like I say these different colors our community the ball and what we're doing to encourage people to start growing With exhibiting clippers at The larger richest flower shows which is Chelsea Chatsworth. Where LAST YEAR? We did it for the first time in the Pavilion Chelsea and we at to get the gold medal along with the pumped exhibits as well so people say all these new fantastic colors for the first time and people with play Orange One Sort of increase in the collections. I think we are always going to be suckers for all those new and interesting plants safe more generally. What are the basic catastrophically? These I think quite tough floods are they. You have Roy of an easy to grow so stopped up in February. If you've clavier in a container they only liked to be repoted every now and again just like yoga from the same family. The lie of the rose to become jested so once. You've you plant in. Say six to eight inch. Container is happy for three. Maybe four years in that same content. Now let style February you start watering the clavier once a week or once a four not just keep it moist but you do start to feed the clear. Once every two weeks and the reason he stopped feeding now become apparent. Sort of later on you do this. Roy through the season about September. Now if you've never wall broom the clavier will start to flower. Send the flower up through the leaves early January February even a little bit early. If it's a really warm room if you keep it nice and cool which we try and do the flower. Later in the season surrender may June time. So You keep watering you. Enjoy the flower ridden. If you pollinate the flowers with a cotton bud In the morning or evening you get seedpods form in which I'll talk about lead but the most important thing to keep flowering every year is the do like a cold spell so when the danger cross gone sort of June two you can take it outside onto the shade of a tree or a shady part of your Patio Conservatory and leave it there while end of walk. Tober bring it in. Just before the frost or alternatively you can keep it in your house while the September implicit outside September October so it gets not Eight to ten week chill sets the board in the base of the plant for flower in the following spring. Now you can't live is fairly dry over winter. So December January you keep it on the dry side not bone dry but dry. That's the rest in period And brings you into February. You start watering and keeping it moist you feed once a fortnight the fade then brings the flower up through the leaves and the flowers normally just held above the leaves. If you don't say it correctly the flower often stays in the central Rosette delays. And you don't really see it so the cold spell. In the autumn. The dry over interest impaired undefeated wants all night. It keeps you plumbed health and on the issue of fertilizer. What what do you recommend Of The freeway recommend Is is sort of general feed but we have especially speed that we use we do. It is available on our website and the flower shows a mouse. Eighteen twelve eighteen. It's not jim loaf law phosphates and high potash dot keet plums hoppy right the way

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