Quibi says 'Quit it' - and tells a fan podcaster to stop



The latest from our newsletter pod News Dot net is a noun or verb query is definitely a noun. I honestly don't know what a noun or is maybe. We'll never find out because a show by fans of quite a mobile video platform has been told to cease and desist hosts of the podcast. Say That quivers lawyers got in contact insisting you can't use the name Qube. You can't tell anyone that you're about qube. You can talk about Quebec but no one can know through your title and you can't have any artwork that resembles our stuff. The show which is about Qube has a new name. Off Streamers search engine optimization has never been more important for podcasting a PODCAST SEO PRODUCT. Poddar has been launched. Today it allows you to ensure you're choosing the right names and keywords feel podcast promises your search rank keywords you want and allows you to check your competitors. Appearance to pricing is from seven dollars a month after a fourteen day trial. Palooza life has announced. Its lineup for this weekend including Kara Swisher Corey doctor. Oh and Scott Galloway. It's a covert nineteen relief fundraiser. Forgive directly tickets as much or as little as you'd like Paul Tracks says the daily has seen a yearly increase in. Us audience of seventy three percent monthly audiences increased by seven percent in the month of March. It's part of their paid for category report Patriot. A crowd funding service used by podcasters and used by US has laid off thirty employees which is thirteen. Percent OF THEIR WORKFORCE ONLY LAST MONTH. The company was claiming record growth for the platform. We by the way our pod mused on net slash Patriot and Edison research and NPR releasing. This smart audio reports which looks at the usage of smart speakers a little earlier this year and a free Webinar. On April the thirtieth changing times mean changing consumption. Vox Nest of released an update on Cova. Nineteen podcast listening across their network. The main claim is global. Podcast lessons are out by forty two percent for comparison to listening in the first week of January a time when many people especially in your holiday the graphs appears to show that all territories of increased though since the end of March and that categories around people's hobbies and passions are doing well. The company does note that as a whole. Us podcast listens had down by over twenty percent however Pacific Content Steve. Pratt highlights different ways. Their podcast production company is thinking. The pandemic has changed marketing. Effective speed to market and highlighted the benefit of topicality and head come has seen a ten percent decrease according to deadline the piece also includes ill-will Fu claim a small decline as well and Paul Cost News. Keeping up with corona is a new podcast on airlines. Iheart podcast network Australia. It's all about how to navigate life and keep the kids sane while dealing with isolation might be interested to know podcasts. Evergreen content is being augmented with the latest information using dynamic content insertion clever radio survival. Podcast has an interview with me. If you're interested in radio across the world and this one might be few if you're off it probably isn't and Iheartradio is getting into audio fiction in the states with the release this week of lighthouse ten part scripted horror thriller

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