Making over a 1963 Cadillac


I found the nineteen sixty three cadillac in a driveway. And I wrote to the owners of the House because my in my county you could find anybody's name address to anybody for any property. I never saw this property before. I don't know why I never drew down this road and my friend said hey is a really cool cadillac. You'd be into it so I looked at it and it's a four door fleetwood and I really thought it would be cool to convert in whatever. Anyway it's been sitting in the same spot for forty years so I wrote the people and in the meantime I'm looking I haven't heard from them and they never wrote back. But in the meantime I'm always looking on facebook market for that kind of car like a car that looks rusty and really screwed up just like that. It's like perfect. The bodies like perfectly aligned. It's not crunched routed through to sue and so in a in an impulse. I saw this Cadillac. That just had just gotten posted. It was a seven sixty seven. Eldorado of sixty seven convertible sixty seven Cadillac convertible and so. I just texted the guy in through facebook market. And we wrote back and forth and as we take pay pal like y'all take some in pay pal if you pay me a little bit so I paid fifteen hundred dollars. He delivered it so because I was talking about that other car. Got Me curious to just keep looking looking looking for that type of texture on a car and when I saw this it was a really fast so it showed up in everybody's asking me always that the call from the front yard of the House nearby. It's not I just saw it in so now the car from the House nearby. I don't need that anymore. The satisfies that itch. Okay David how long do you think it will be before he gets out of the written back to? Oh you're muted David. I can't hear you haven't that killed my joke. I said when we record the next podcast. So it's a sixty seven Cadillac Eldorado. Keep saying it's called the Deville sixty seven cadillac convertible and it's it is like people say how bad is it? I'm like it's probably about. It's probably about three weeks away from being completely gone it runs drives has no breaks every time. I try to stop ahead of give myself like twenty feet to coast to a stop and it The floorboards are completely routed yesterday. Me AND MY BUDDY RYAN. We ripped the whole interior out would cut the seat out. You know it's it's basically a convertible that was probably left open twenty percent of its life to the rain so the interior seats are all moldy. And it's been stored for really long time. The Guy got it from has no paperwork heat and really tell me much about it. I think he's like a recovery guy who just like to close at warehouses and soften. He says he got it recently and he just put it up for sale. He says he got he got it running. He claims he put the carburetor on it. He said it was in a warehouse. He took it home. There was no carburetor on it. He found a carburetor and a junkyard. Put It on. It played with a for a couple of hours got it started and put it on facebook marketplace. And that's how I got so it's definitely has not gotten any attention this mice nestle over which I got most of them blown out and What WHAT'S THE PLAN. Are you going to restore to original condition or are you going to modify the whole worms? I just wanted something to creatively experiment with and Okay and So I'm going to basically make like a rat rod ahead a couple of teams tales like. Oh we're going to get it perfect again like no no that would take. That would take a lot. It's like Fred Flintstone Style. Like just kick the ground as you're the body lines straight. That's what I liked about the body lines straight so it's like a good. Both the frame seemed straight and Somebody played with the brakes breaks. Hopefully that just needed just because there's a lot of brand new brake parts. There look like they haven't gotten rusty so this if you look through a couple of shiny parts in the car that somebody like me that'll ambitious and then gave up on it again and So the wiring zoll horrible. It's going to be a nightmare like Patrick's GonNa help move the wiring. I said he goes while we gotTA figure I go look if we could just put like a row of switches on the dashboard. That say you know left? Lincoln right link of the region his that would be easy if we just do that instead of China. So it's just a big experiment to play with and it like I said because it runs I can get in and started. It doesn't sound very healthy but it runs and that's figured half the half the battle so yeah yeah just the fact that you can get it to turn over. I mean that means you're you know you're further along than if it didn't turn over there would be quite a few reasons why it wouldn't move you know and that would take a lot to get so it's really you can at least attack at a time and a funny thing was is. I went on I I I got one on Ebay to buy like all the emblems and stuff for it and then I did buy two emblems for about sixty bucks and one of the blinkers in a said before by anymore. Spend any more money on this hunk of crap. Let me look in the trunk. And so the next day I look in the trunk in every single piece of trim was in the trunk so somebody got an ambitious thinking they were GonNa fix it a pain and and so it has everything even the headlight which is missing in the pictures. Has Everything So I'll just fiddle with it and learn about hydraulic roofs. Semite put my own. Convertible has no the convertible scissor top? It's called the scissor roof. It's all there it doesn't have the hydraulic motor. Which I gotTA figure out how to modify figure out but It doesn't have any canvas on the top so I'm going to get creative and try and figure out something interesting. Like an all tarp simply. Well I was GONNA say like I mean you already had the Fred Flintstone floor in on Fred Flintstone car. It had like bamboo that went up and then forward. And then there's like a piece of canvas that came over and it didn't convert all the back for like a rear window air. We'll go through. It'll probably be fine. Continue that Motif. Yeah so I mean that's just my opinion but I'm just having fun with it and it just reminded me of being a teenager and like figuring things out. I mean that's how I learned a lot so many mechanical things early on is like just wrenching on old cars and I was a kid out drag home any hundred piece of crap and start taking it apart and figuring out how to get started. So that's just my little. I wonder if a little kid me again. I

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