Trump Adviser: Social Distancing Protestors Are the Second Coming of Rosa Parks


My life listen to this this is trump adviser I don't trump only hires the best Stephen Moore ladies government areas that's the no we're going to see a lot more of those in Ohio we saw more protests today I'm working with a group of Wisconsin that wants to do a drive in Hey are you remember the old sentence with this degree of drive and they're gonna shut down the capital sh don't tell anybody but they think they can get fifteen hundred people to come and and this is great yeah you guys all so that we have a one big going on Wisconsin I'm not gonna mention his name and I told about this you said Steve I promise I will pay the bail and legal fees for anyone who gets arrested so this is a great time gentlemen and ladies for civil disobedience we need to be the Rosa Parks here and protest against these government injustice ladies and gentlemen Donald Trump adviser Stephen Moore just compared Rosa Parks to some of these protesters it is one of the dumbest and by the way can you quite a few one of the dumbest comments that anybody in Donald trump's cabinet has made JD you can't possibly defend that statement he said we need to be the Rosa Parks here like we need to be like Rosa Parks yeah and he made a reference to some of these protesters running out there and protest the war the protesting you're so you're comparing it to think all about best what the protests and I'm asking you are you okay with that they want they want America to open back up they want their jobs back they want their lives back if anything that's an outdated they think this is a no brainer

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