Gilead Sciences stock rises on hopes for COVID-19 treatment

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With regards to that drug treatment. Shares of Gilead Sciences closed up five point seven percent after it reported that patients taking its antiviral drug rim. Desa VIR showed a speedier recovery than patients taking a placebo in a large study funded by the US government our health reporter Joe Walker has more details. People have been watching this trial really closely because it's a large study comparing this drug to placebo and it's sort of the gold standard for the way to do clinical trials. So the idea is. We think that it's the first and best sort of look at whether this truck really works treating Cova nineteen and if it does it could become the first road proven to actually be effective against this disease. A separate study of the drug out of China posted negative results today but researchers there say they needed more testing. Their trial was shut down early. Because it was hard to recruit subjects as the pandemic slowed analysts are still cautioning that the drug is unlikely to be a silver bullet. Obviously it would be really great if this works and cove in nineteen. I think the expectation though at this point is that if it does work. It's not the type of thing that everybody would get. If you've got the virus you know. It's an intravenously administered drug for people who are hospitalized so we can really make a difference in in helping people who are very very sick but isn't sort of the vaccine. It's not a pill so I would just say. Take some caution. There in terms of expectations for the magnitude of its impact

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