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Safe Sex Practices During a Pandemic



York City Health Department posted some great advice for New Yorkers over the weekend actually. It's great advice for anyone anywhere. Who's curious about how or whether to have sex during this pandemic you are your safest sex partner the memo posted to the New York City. Health Department's website reads masturbation will not spread Kovic nineteen but they are just to wash our hands at any of the sex toys. We might be using before and after we get ourselves off a matter of fact mention of sex toys which many people do use when they masturbate right at the start. I was impressed. And the memo. Only got more impressive from there. Your next safest sex partner is someone you live with. That goes on. You should avoid close contact including sacks with anyone outside your household sad ba- true for the time being you're safe. Sex Partner is an established sex partner. So when you live with who isn't having sex with other people if you don't have an established sex partner or willing roommate. C Item One masturbate the NYC health memo included advice for sex workers and for people who meet their sex partners online. Consider taking a break from impersonates video dates sexting or chat rooms maybe options for you which means Mike Pence's advice for us from last August. When he urged Americans spend more time on our knees than we do on the Internet. No longer operative now is the time to spend more time on the Internet. Good advice for people without partners and good advice for people who have partners but cray variety

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