Kim Kardashian comes for ‘lying’ Taylor Swift amid reignited feud over Kanye West call


My gosh the drama with his Kim Kardashian Kanye west Taylor swift thing that just goes on until the end of time there's more there's more okay so Kim Kardashian defending herself in a series of tweets last night hours after Taylor swift had something to say about the leaked video and if your call this video is of Kim and Kanye and the phone conversation that they were having with Taylor swift when Connie eight was calling tailor it to get the okay for him to reference her in the song famous okay and in that song he says I made that B. famous I think me and Taylor might still have sex those are the lyrics I've been memorized guys I didn't even know how to read that okay I don't know what that says about your it's not good J. so it's not it's not nothing's positive about it so in that in that phone conversation part of which was leaked years ago Kanye and Kim referred to Taylor as a snake later on saying you knew that these were the lyrics we had a conversation and you said that it was okay on the phone call and now when the song comes out you're all upset about it and Taylor said at that time and continue to say I never said it was okay for me to be referred to as a B. in this song that I was okay with it and so when the song came out she was upset she also never consented to have her naked body depicted in the famous video which was upsetting to her and I think yeah who are also depicted in that video then the entire conversation leaks and Kim Kardashian west after Taylor and essentially said yeah I was telling the truth the whole time weird Kim Kardashian west to post on Twitter I Taylor swift has chosen to reignite an old exchange but at this point in time feels very self serving given the suffering millions of real victims are facing right now no no and she said I didn't feel the need to comment a few days ago and I'm actually really embarrassed and mortified to be doing it right now but because she continues to speak on it I feel I'm left without a choice but to respond because she is actually lying come on yes how old how she why she lying this is Kim said to be clear the only issue I've ever had around the situation was that Taylor lied through her publicist who stated that Kanye never called to ask for permission they clearly spoke so I let you all see that nobody ever denied the word B. was used without her permission I know Taylor's publicist posted on Taylor's publicist and this is my unedited original statement but when you take parts out that's editing PS who did you guys piss off to league league that video quoted our pricing as of that yeah exactly and the publicist original statement said Connie did not call for approval but to ask Taylor to release his single famous on her Twitter account she declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric I made that B. famous I mean isn't it just one thing after another over and over again yeah the bottom line is I mean it just makes Kanye and Kim looks so that's fast buyer so that my wifey spiraling and then also you know when you think about this sort of image that they're trying to portray now in Connie's doing these Sunday services and talking about his faith in all of this stuff I mean when you look at this situation and how Connie his treated Taylor swift throughout the years it just makes him look so bad yeah and it's so hypocritical I mean even those lyrics to begin with are are really tough to handle if you're calling yourself a person of faith you know nothing a person if he has to be perfect us to do everything but like that's kind of a lot guys don't you think about a specific person not all for sure yes you're basing your right now if you're kind of like having a spiritual transformation and and basing your life on this I'm going to follow in the path of Jesus I just don't think that that really lines up well yeah hi will remain silent on that one but it's it's it's seems very hypocritical to me it seems hypocritical seems very hypocritical so that's what's happening that's the latest the back and forth continues but I don't blame Taylor swift for just she wasn't the one that released this new edited version an awfully somebody on Kim and Kanye's

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