A Message of Hope Series: Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman


It's just a hard time in our culture right now certainly in the United States and for that matter around the world so the first thing we wanna tell you this I'm old you can tell I've been there and we're GonNa get through this. You're okay going to work out. I was there when Y. Two K. Was going to end the world and it didn't and businesses went crazy and jobs were amiss and the economy was crazy and I was there after nine one one. Some of you weren't born yet understand but there was a time there that we really worried in America and we grabbed hands and we were unified but the stock market took us on a ride and the economy took us on a ride. I've been through a couple of flu. Breakouts of different names and people were scared. Nothing like this particular virus or scared. Everyone but I've watched a lot of people be sick. And it's it's a sad time in America in that regard went through two thousand seven two thousand and eight and I did one hundred seventy eight media hits and about seven days in those days because it was crazy and I was trying to tell people to calm down to not cash on everything and not abandoned. Hope because if you haven't noticed there is one thing more contagious than this virus. And it's fear it's airborne and people me you don't social distancing won't even help it's coming through your television screen. It's coming through. Your news feeds on your computer. It's coming from friends and relatives who normally were pretty level. Headed people better panicked right now or at least scared or at a minimum concerned. So just hear me loud and clear your okay. We're GONNA get through this twelve months from today. You can write it down right now and you can send me hate mail if you want if. I'm wrong but twelve months from today we're GONNA look back on this and go. Wow that was rough. We got through it the same thing. We said about those other calamities in crisis that I just outlined COUPLA principles that we're going to get into tonight number one is my friend. Art Laffer says no one makes good decisions when they're panicked or when they're drunk out some of your both some of your chosen one over the other. Some of you are just panicked or at just in a moment in time just in a five minute period of time you can become panicked and do something that takes years to get. Your family passed the mistake that you make while you're out of control. Your critical thinking skills. Just dissipate when you're panicked. You've got to calm down. Calm down our friend and other personality Dr John Bologna. He's a crisis counselor and he says when you're in a crisis facts are your friends facts or your friends and you have to control your input. What is coming into? Your brain is a continual news feed of fear. You watching the news channels. Twenty four seven. I gotTa tell you there's very few people have strong enough spiritual constitution to do that and not cave to the fear. I don't do that. I'm a part of that media. I'm on all the shows on all those stations. Those people are my friends that I I am not going to sit and feed my brain that all day long. My friends exemplary used to say when he was alive he said every morning i read the Bible and read the newspaper that way. I can tell what bowe shots are doing. So this is real. You got you have to control your inputs. And you have to have self control over your emotions when you're panicked. Some of you are You're just melting down. You've lose your ability to make good decisions other times. You're getting Maine and you're being nasty each other or your shaming people on your facebook page. Because they didn't do exactly what you thought they ought to do one way or the other but people that are normally nice people when they get in this funk emotionally or being very unkind some of. You've been unkind to your own family and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. So you've been unkind to someone in the drugstore because they walked across the Dadgum Blue Line and you lost. Your mind calmed down. We need a lot of generosity right now. The Bible says I'm a person of faith if you don't know in the Bible says Jeremiah. God says I've got a plan for you and it's not to bring you Har- it's to bring you hope. Hope IS GREATER THAN FEAR. But it's a choice and no one can take your hope and no one can steal your hope. You have to surrender it. That's what has to happen. Otherwise you're not there and Rachel we were talking about this idea of just having a little bit of grace in our lives and we were talking about what we're going to say tonight. Yeah Maher theme through tonight really about controlling the controllables and how key that is In this process and that includes your emotions and your grace for people Kristie Right. Here's another one of our Ramsey personalities. Were friends we're talking on the phone just last week when all this stuff was happening and she made a great point and she just had we just extend massive amounts of grace to people. Because you never know what someone else is dealing with right. Because I'm like there's the two extremes of how people are dealing with it it's either like this is all crazy. I'm going to do whatever I want. Or it's the ones that are all you know. They're they're freaked out to do anything and each side looks at each other and they just they they they spew shame and Hay and everything. And I'm like man you know no matter what side you're on look at the other side because both both need grace and I think that's really important to remember that with your friends. Your family It is a time just to say you know what they're handling things differently than I would But I'm going to just take a deep breath myself and extend that when we're talking about United Teaching Leadership. Sometimes we're in these different settings you know when people are under pressure. Sometimes it's just financial pressure. We're talking about sometimes. It's other things but when they're under pressure it's the the bad parts of their character revealed sometimes and sometimes the best parts of their character reveal and and you need to be real careful to control that. That's something you can control. Yeah I think you're speaking to influence here not just for leaders but for all of us that I love the point Rachel that you made about grace you know this is a time where in isolation when you are around just your friends and family That they're looking to you to see what your cues are. How are you handling all this uncertainty? How are you handling the bad news? You know matthew five fourteen Dave Rachel says you're the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Think that's a strong challenge to all of us to realize that in that verse. We realized that we have the opportunity in uncertainty. You could say dark times. We have the opportunity to be light as individuals as leaders. And we are all exposed in this. This is not a state crisis. This isn't a United States crisis. This is a global crisis and it is affecting everyone and each of us has a responsibility. David Rachel to realize that we are a city set on a hill in that we are doing life with some people closer than maybe we've been doing life with them in a long time due to this isolation and so it's really important as we get to this team tonight. What can you control? And we're GONNA talk through that tonight but really controlling Dave our response and there's going to be times where we all get squeezed and it reveals the ugly side of us and we all have the ugly side but we can choose this moment to say. Ooh I don't like that and I've got to change that because I am a light and I wanNA shine in uncertainty so I I think that's a wonderful challenge for all of us right

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