Educating Developers About Actions on Google with Yksel Tolun, Google Developer Expert

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Should still all about basics of voice because they may not be familiar vitz. Especially if it's scenario just got support bordia language or haven't been really interested in voice industry they need to talk about how it's growing Talk about how it's changing direction. And they also need to talk about the parts that we want to talk about emotions. Conversation design part episode. They have to give these beforehand so that developers can really appreciate what's coming next and if they're holding heck I still think that they should the minutes all They should also be prepared for developers. We'll try to build a mobile application out of voice platform. Because that's something really common. That's what they're used to at all those that have signed pressure so they immediately fall back to what they already know. They should be prepared for it. They should be you know prepared to talk them out of it and this is actually Or suggestions and I think this is just going to change the event for the better and do you any advice for the developers that maybe are attending and trying to get into voice technology. You know what's different? And what should they focus on learning more of boy? Psychology at now is still in. Its you know a baby. Step so to speak so I I think everyone is experimenting in one way or another. Some fields may seem like you know stable right now but things will change in the coming years so my advice for developers trying to get into technology. Technology is that they should be prepared to pivots better in terms of personal or steel building or in terms of billing a startup. They need to be prepared for change in the platform or in the end. They should also learn more about storytelling. And how they can write. Better dialogues how can better conversations or their skills or experiences. Because that's really important. You don't have a are also. We have to make sure that the users at these stink of Conflict Inc of lead. It's perfect or enjoy talking with LEX. Perfect so the way to do this is not programming. Good devoted to this is to create the right conversation right. Faso my advice would be to read about the studies. That have been dumped. Or they're being done right now. Reading studies will help learn storytelling mule. Health I think they should really focus on building the experience. I and programming second. Yeah I think that's really good advice. The last question we like to ask on this show to help promote voice as a whole is is there a current flash briefing or voice skill or experience that you're using and really enjoying right now as screens voice Because questions you know in such a short time data day. My friend asked me if he could use his J. Three eighty keyboard but his smart. Tv and I New York because it's a keyboard but I want to make sure at asked Google Hagi can I use Three eighty with my smart TV addict just immediately gave me the answered for such a big question. It's really impressive. In the voice source department but as a within or skill I actually used a couple of actions and they focused around productivity. I also use the lumpy actions as focused around thirty like the creative events reminders. Alarms is really. The things are used most as really convenient for me. As far as being entertained goes elect joke around I expect to Jokes use the jokes or punts ills. I like it now. If people want to connect with you and learn more about anything we spoke about today. Where can they do that? They can connect with me on this social platform with the username. Whitey L. U. N. First letter my name and my last night. I'm on twitter. Instagram Man Lincoln. They connect they haven't questions about. Actually we will be more than happy to answer them. That's a perfect and I want to thank you again so much. Not only for being here today calling in from Turkey but also again all the work that you're doing for your community or developers helping them to understand Google assistant boys technology and really spreading the word. So thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Gavdos was really a pleasure of mine. Thank you for listening to the inside. Voice podcast. We greatly appreciate you being part of our community. And if you enjoyed this episode or the podcast we would love it if you would subscribe. Follow like Cher. Leave a review of the show. If you have any questions comments feedback people. You want to see on the show things you learn. Feel free to send us an email at carry at motive dot com. That's E. R. I at M. O. D. E. DOT COM and be sure to check us out online at voice summit dot Ai. Thank you and we look forward to chatting with you next week..

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