US Army suspends soldier travel to and from South Korea and Italy amid mounting coronavirus concern



US military says it has halted all travel to and from South Korea and Italy to the corona virus outbreak well the number of infected American servicemembers remains very low military training around the world has been curtailed back home defense secretary esper says he's fully confident the Pentagon can withstand the virus we have a lot of capabilities in this building are you know our national military command center has the capability go for weeks at a time if they have to be locked down inside the building if we if we have some type of outbreak U. S. warships must now spend at least fourteen days at sea following poor calls to quarantine the crew the Pentagon's medical teams are helping CDC develop a vaccine but it's still twelve to eighteen months away the head of infectious disease research at the Walter Reed Medical Center doctor Nelson Michael says there's no reason to panic people shouldn't shouldn't recognize at the end of the day this still remains on low risk infection too not just our service members but to the American public for military matters at the Pentagon Lucas Tomlinson fox news

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