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March Madness is canceled


March madness is canceled if you were to say what's the one thing you most ex associate with the month of March people would say the NC double a tournament right that's the answer maybe someone would say the odds are what are the odds of March I'm not even sure I mean yeah it's it's it's real it's really real out here baseball mid spring you think about baseball the return of warm weather the return of baseball it's not going to happen guys again I I really would like got into I mean I I think some of the creativity you're about to see is going to be inspiring my mind is already started working in that direction at the U. of Raj said to me the other day I was explaining that that now is not the first person to have this sort of idea we saw the Mavericks play the sun's apparently on on twitch but when I was explaining the coronavirus them in my five year old son I said buddy because he really been looking forward to watching the NBA playoffs with me this year like his first NBA playoffs because he's become a big NBA fan in recent weeks I guess you would say I said buddy I you know there might not be an NBA playoffs or at least it won't be for awhile and I was explaining to him why and he said Daddy what if we play the games that were supposed to happen on on two K. would that be a good idea and I was like yeah that's that's a great idea simulate the season yes they relate this season so maybe we'll be doing

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March Madness is canceled

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