U.S. House passes coronavirus bill funding paid sick leave


House speaker Nancy Pelosi did what we said we were going to do put families first with page six sickly sick days a family medical leave unemployment insurance the bill includes free testing and economic support but does not include the payroll tax cut president trump had been demanding in the verified virus relief bill also on Friday the president announcing a national emergency release enough funding to help communities deal with the outbreak the president says he will send the state's fifty billion dollars in aid funding and shrugged off questions about the administration's lack of preparedness for the outbreak ABC's Terry Moran also tells us that the president was asked why his administration disbanded the National Security Council office set up to prepare for pandemics he said that he didn't know anything about that and the president's also personal exposure to the virus last weekend with the Brazilian official who has since tested positive the president has not yet been tested and is not isolated himself there are more than twenty one hundred confirmed cases of the corona virus in the U. S. worldwide more than one hundred and forty five thousand confirmed cases as the president to clear the code nineteen pandemic in national emergency Friday many people preparing for the possibility of a fourteen day quarantine period flooding in some of the nation's grocery stores also

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