Restaurant Industry Faces A Sudden Collapse In Coronavirus Shutdowns


It's being a week like never before restaurants around the world have been forced to close their doors faced by the corona virus break. There is no escape from it. The epidemic is devastating for the hospitality industry around the world. But there may be some lessons Santo ideas that can be learned from water entrepreneurs in different parts of the planets have been coming up with in response to what's happening at the moment. Is the hours rough coat hospitalized in London and he shared some of his thoughts with me. I mean it's so tricky. Marcus because fundamentally the restaurants around the world and oversee it slightly differs in different cities or different countries. Whether it's you know. They've been made to physically close or like in London at the moment. It's Thursday here and restaurants sister league allow to be open so the advice slightly diff is. But we've never seen anything like this before in this industry where your business literally falls off a cliff overnight and suddenly you have no customers and I'm sure a lot of your listeners. To the menu now that the restaurant industry operates on very tight margins and relies a huge amount light lots of business but especially restaurants on cash flow. So there's the obvious things of working out how long you can survive for while being closed and trying to pay you'll start off and holding onto as much cash as possible but on the softer ideas. You know you're seeing a lot of people turn to doing takeaway meals undoing local delivery so not relying on delivery companies can sometimes take quite large commission. But you know people actually sending off out to deliver meals. Obviously they've got to abide by the current health and safety guidelines for the current of ours. But we're seeing people kind of think outside the box and of course lots of people are using the larger delivery companies to get their food out to people who obviously on leaving their home. It was kind of other advice. Get your phone if you are open. And your trading. There was a group of US talking about this at the end of last week saying this is the time to really show the customers that you do have that you all the best of the best say you need for the Best Hospitality Cook than the best food. Really make them feel welcome and now's the time to really win them over as customers. Have you come across in any innovative ideas from the hospitality industry during these trying times mention? Obviously that there is increasing amounts of home deliveries. But anything else. Yeah you're seeing more people do home deliveries I was reading about. I think it's GIN business in London. Who have started to make their own hand sanitizer Corsi. They've got alcohol in that equipped to do that. And that's obviously in high demand the moment but I think sadly at the moment for so many hospitality businesses around the world. They're really focused on just going. How are we going to survive? And how do we cut as many causes possible while maintaining a workforce to survive? What's going on? What about customers if you have a local restaurants you love and your feelings about what's happening right now? How can you show your support? Besides the obvious going there and ordering fruit. Yes so we're starting to see more places actually suggest to customers to buy vouchers. Which restaurants have done before but they're really pushing it now saying look we closed so you can't come down and spend money with us but if you buy a voucher say one hundred dollars off two hundred pounds you will get the voucher. But Oh so they're going to add on some cash to it so they're replacing you pay two hundred pounds for voucher to come dine with us when everything's back to normal American but actually it's gotta a value of two hundred and fifty pounds. I hope this is working. I don't have any stats. Administered by the people are doing this. But that's what people are trying to do their finding any way to bring in some sort of income and then when we can open our does again and start welcoming customers back in. There's a reason for people to come back. We should also remember that. This is not just about hotels and restaurants when we look at what's happening within the hospitality industry at the moment. We also have to remember that. There's plenty of suppliers this even say. Pr Companies that all of a sudden find themselves without any customers clients at the moment. Yeah exactly I mean. The knock-on effect of this has been huge. You know a hotel or restaurant nor opening or not having any business you obviously then do not need supplies as you say you've got people like PR companies. My own business is the same. We work very closely with hundreds of operators and suddenly all of your clients in the space of twenty four hours. They stopped they all shut down so the implications of this are very big. Is there anything you can do to support suppliers? Yeah I think at the moment especially in the UK at the moment. We're trying to find out what's going to happen on the same places like in New York and La where all the restaurants have shot. I just think he's offering much support to people as possible. People are coming up with different ideas of how to survive as a business and I think the main thing we will have to remember. Is You know. We're starting to see life. Comeback to normal in places like China Hong Kong and Singapore. So we know things do recover and will get better. It's now just working out. How do we get through the next two to three months? Say That when things do get back to normal and we can happen again and start operating as an industry that we're going to be there. Are things a very important point to make over there? It's important to remember that this wheel and one day. This chaos is going to be over at some points when the virus outbreak is over until we can continue our lives as usual. I know you follow London's restaurant scene carefully. Do you think things will be different? Then what do you expect when blazes start opening again and when we can continue our lives? The honest on Sir is an. I really hope I'm wrong here. And a lot of it balances on what the government does in this country to save jobs. But there's going to be less restaurants and think that's just the sad truth at the moment when this does finish and we can get back to normal. There are going to with being casualties in this industry. It's the sad truth about to an you know it's awful visa people's lives. I'm just hoping that. Obviously with the government support and everything that will hopefully be announced very soon in terms of how to how to look off your employees in support pay them and then hopefully more stuff with landlords. Giving that operates is breaks rents etcetera the we can limit how many businesses caught the. It's going to be a very different world and I think that's the same for every country. The when we out of this. I think people will be living differently. Unemployment from Goto spirituality

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