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Los Angeles: One Dead After Car Flips Over on 10 Freeway


Your of course we're looking at the staples center focusing on now what the drive is like getting there let's talk about the surface streets around the staples that are that are currently closed at this point it's chick Hearn court from Georgia to Figaro up it's right there at the staples center as well as Georgia which is the north south street clothes from night to check Kern there is ticketing checkpoints that allow you to get in there saying don't go down there if you don't have a ticket business is only closed Ellie live until about three o'clock now the good news is they're saying that the girl of people analytics will remain open our let's go and go to Scott is like in the southern California Toyota dealers sky one over the closure of huge closure on the Santa Monica freeway Scott west about shut down at four St that's going to be forced off the freeway we had an overnight crash involving a car that hit a fire hydrant that ended up basically watering down the cliffs along Pacific coast highway creating a bit of a slide so they're still dealing with that situation again you gonna be forced off the freeway portion of the test was about heavy starting at the body out of you're getting it try to get it out right now that's gonna be right around the Arlington heading out to the L. one channel at a west out so it's like the big city and whatever without having to stop selling it to downtown five four five four two county the jacket with rifles out of the four five southbound side a golden west we have a car that's on its roof a bad crash your gold Wes office block as well as that far right I just had a tow truck driving the twenty two down into about Irvine the five north Alicia parkway that crashes clearing out your middle lanes but still big delays for northbound off of the seventy three Golden State south heavy this morning across the valley floor starting in the Sun Valley area all the way down into East Los Angeles that earlier secular of course cold clear now for over an hour on the south five at the seven ten Raleigh the block but it is very heavy heading south bound out of east LA as well as the northbound five top from nor walk all the way up into a East

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