Can the U.N. Handle Another Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

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Humanitarian aid and protection needs are growing more desperate by the day in serious ad Lib Governor. At where nearly one million people have been displaced by ongoing military operations according to a senior U N aid official Kevin Kennedy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria. Crisis was part of a cross-border mission from Turkey conducted on Monday by seven. Un Agencies to assess the feasibility of having sustained presence in the northwestern province the last opposition held stronghold people in it Lib traumatized and frightened and urgently need better access to shelter food sanitation basic health services and protection. He said in a statement and while local aid workers are doing a heroic job they are exhausted and also subject to being displaced and killed. He added Mr Kennedy stressed that as needs rise. It is imperative that the UN uses all methods to reach people in need whether from inside Syria or across borders. He reported that more than two thousand one hundred and fifty trucks carried aid from Turkey into northwestern Syria January and February. That's over double the number that made the crossing during the same period last year. However he said we need to do even more and scale presence on the ground meanwhile human rights violations. Continue to rise in Syria where women children and men face unprecedented levels of displacement amidst increasingly dire conditions. That's the assessment of the commission of inquiry appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate and record all violations of international law in the nearly decade-long conflict. The commission has released its latest report and among the findings is that Syrians who were forcibly displaced through reconciliation agreements or who fled battles are now being hemmed into ever-shrinking spaces in it live and Western. Aleppo governorate under the rule of the H. T. S. terrorist group military operations to Root Out. The group of killed and injured. Scores of people said the report while markets camps and hospitals have been decimated. The report contains several recommendations for the Syrian government but also for warring parties and the international community to improve the protection of civilians. It is scheduled to be presented to the Human Rights Council next week

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