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Podcast is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown Chicago. Katie you Jimmy Carter former former. Us President thank you for clarifying. What is something you know about him as factoid? I know that he was a peanut farmer. He was a peanut farmer. And it's fun to think of him. I don't actually know peanuts grow. I have no idea how I have never seen a peanut in the wild. I don't know what they dangled and trees like apples. But that's insane. I don't think that's right a dumping ground lag. A CAM legumes. What does that mean? They are not a tree nut. That's what leg. Im's main legume is like a bean. And that means that you're on the ground. Well no I think it's like a Green Bean you've picked. Have you picked green beans? Oh you picked like snap peas. No they're low to the ground. You pluck them from a little boy. I know it's not a Bush. No I do. I feel well no. It's twenty twenty less confident. I could be wrong about so. I'm not one hundred percent sure that it's Bush but I feel long tree. I feel pretty confident peanuts. Dunker entrees and don't run bushes. Well later we'll google it later. There's no time now now. He grew past tense peanuts in his small town in Georgia called planes to small towns And on the farmland that used to grow peanuts now there are so panels. How wait where are the peanuts? I don't know I don't think he's GonNa. They're not trendy anymore well times of change for the peanut industry. That's right so he's got so he's got solar panels on his farmland and he is single handedly with those solar panels powering half the town is freaking suite on a good day. He can power something like four hundred homes with solar panel says personal. Solar people are getting free. Electricity from Jimmy Carter. If I lived in planes I would turn on a light switch and say thanks Jimmy Matt Georgia accent. Thanks Jim thanks Jimmy. That's really call a reason. This is interesting. Is that in. Nineteen seventy nine. He put solar panels on the White House because he felt really strongly about it. He was a big proponent of solar energy and thought it was really important. People know about it so that either would have some staying power or become like this relic of history. So he put it on the White House. Ronald Reagan immediately took them off now. Those White House. Solar panels are in like museums. Really the world. Yeah I another thing I was just hearing about on. Npr again solar panels used to be like kind of joke because they were very very expensive. Share if natural gas coal was like five cents for a unit. Solar power is like a dollar right one. Eight Times is expensive right. I heard that too. Yeah but just recently. They said that's what you're running. Low the switch Rooney snails cheap cheap cheap cheap cheaper to somebody called up. Jimmy Carter to personally apologize. I mean I bet. He was mocked and chastised and I bet he deserves an apology. I know he does. He was a forward thinker. So Katie my question to you is on a personal note. I'm an open but I'm GonNa ask that you tell me what crop you would have like to grow. And then let either currently or in the future you would like that crop to be replaced by so for Jimmy peanuts and then solar panels and you already asked me what Crappo. Well the answer's Levin's okay. So you would have a lemon orchard out of well. We don't know that I feel really have a lemon Bush will. We're attacking that. Oh no I'd like eleven of Kado Hybrid. How so but your salads and Guacamole is our Tartan hanging and once I move past. I guess I'd like them to be replaced with our house. No I don't think of it as an evolution of your spirit. Okay so I'm really into tear it. Avacado is right now in the the future. Yeah I guess in the future. I'd like it to be those massage chairs at the airport. You put the money in. Or it's like a weird postured chair. We put your face in a donut and your legs rest really comfortably. Great good well. Here's mine okay. I'm thinking strawberry. Patch kills drivers a really fun and then for whatever reason and this is unlike me. I'm imagining that. I scrape up all those drivers and I have a quarter mile race. Track like where people can drive. Little Dune buggy like small like not full sized cars like eight hundred eighty s like inbetween carts and cars. And I don't think there's little race cars called but they've got like a big like sale on top like a bumper. No No. It's definitely not that either. Some like a wagon healer getting further. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Incredible or maybe you want to tell us a joke or idea. Excellent email us at hello at the good news. Podcast dot F. M. or. Leave us a voicemail at seven seven three two one seven zero one five six. You can also tweet us at the Good News Pot and follow us on instagram too. 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