Upgrade 289: Not So Fast, Uma Thurman - burst 15



Evolution of your favorite thing which is what apple new screen shots being posted on boats notes. Scratch on the air. Yes I saw a thing going around. There was supposedly from the centers disease control yesterday. That was an apple screen shot. And I that really really. We reached this point where the CDC is giving advice in apple notes. I'm not sure if that was an official. Cdc thing or just somebody copied and pasted button so the audience screen shots of tweets and posting them on Instagram Apparently Yep this is the thing I have no problem with it. It's just the way for people to get information like the same as the APP thing. It's yeah screen shots of things is never going to be as good as what the thing is intended for. But it's people finding a way to do something useful and you know that's how a lot of social media stuff got in dented. Was that people will find a way. Like how do I get this thing? Communicated in this medium and if it's a screen shot than Soviet and finally today corey asks since they will almost certainly be no event to introduce any products in watch like we were hoping. Do you think the apple would even want to announce new stuff in this current environment? It can maybe seem frivolous would absolutely be lost in the flood of news. So now we're off the map here. We really don't know what is going to happen. I would say that you got a lot of people who are tense and frustrated and checking the news and not really getting a whole lot of information and stuck at home And I think if apple has the products to be announced and released and for sale and delivered to your house that I would probably make the argument. That people would love to see some news. That wasn't just more virus stuff. I can see the counter argument. Which is you're never going to be close to the top of any site because of that and like all the virus stuff and then Owen. Apple has a laptop like so

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