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We Sold Our House!


Who's there with all the house? We sold our house. Who THAT'S THE END? You didn't really think this joke all the way through. What about we sold our house and now we're so happy. Knock knock. Who's there. We sold our house. Now get out now but we get to stay here because we are renting back until the middle of June but as for how selling our house went I would describe it as a bit of a fast moving train. Yeah well this whole thing has been a fast moving train. We have sold. Three houses bought a new house. And Yeah we're still catching our breath over at still trying to fully celebrate the news that our house here in Richmond is officially under contract. Yes and when we say sold houses it doesn't mean they've closed in fact. None of these three have closed yet but this house was a really crazy process. Because it's the only one we listed on. Ls That's the multiple listing Serranto listing service. Whatever official realtor service that like if you are working through a realtor they will put your house on there. And that is what distributed to sites like realtor dot com and Zillow and read fed. And all those other realtor apps if you see it on there it's because it's been listed on. Mls somewhere right and if you are for sale by owner. There's a way you can do it. You pay a fee to get it on there yourself and kind of work around agent but we did mention last episode. You can go back and listen to that one that we are using a realtor to sell this house because it has just been like a lot of interest in our neighborhood our neighborhood for some reason. It's very hot right now. And there's also low inventory just in general but also in our area and so we've been hearing for the first time ever that we're selling a house that it is a sellers market. The combination of high demand and low inventory has put us in an advantageous position for the first time. Because you have lots of people shopping for a house and not many options so going into this. We had seen ahead of our house. Other houses like go up on the market in our neighborhood and sell within hours or days get multiple offers offers above asking all the things you want as a seller and all the things we have never experienced before because it was not like this when we sold our other two houses like we actually had a fair amount of trouble selling our first house I would say like it took weeks to get an offer that offer didn't necessarily go smoothly so we had a hard. I go at selling houses so this feels like a huge relief to finally have it go easily so what we did was something we had seen. Some friends do with their house to sort of keep this high demand well organized and give everyone who was interested in it. A fair shot at making an offer and then also making it easier for us to sort through any offers that came through so this was sort of the mechanics of how we sold our house. We talked about how we're having showings over one weekend in our last week's episode and that is different than like having an open house if you have sold a house in the past or you're familiar with the general real estate process at least. The kind of stereotypical one that happens here in the United States so like on a Sunday afternoon. Your realtor will calm and keep. The House opened for like three or four hours to allow anyone to come in and take a tour of it whether they are actively looking for house or if they are just nosy neighbors who want to pop into an open house. That's what we do. Most of this is that it's totally remove. We even do it in other people's neighborhoods park can go. They're open houses. It's Super Fun Fun Sunday afternoon. Activity and side note. I've been asked. Do you think that annoys realtors? I'm friends with tons of realtors. They all love it. They said any foot traffic is great. If there is a real buyer in there they love having neighbors or losing there too because it looks like it's hopping it looks like it's in demand. Realtors by nature love to network. They love to give out their card. So even if you're not actively shopping they welcome you to their open house. They hate win an open houses. Empty just be honest with them as always their reaction like don't act like you're buying if you're not out of fear that they'll be mad that you're there just say oh. I am a neighbor and I'm just checking it out or we often say. Oh we drove down to the neighborhood because there were a few open houses in the fan one of our favorite areas to look for inspiration and they say great and then they don't bother you to buy it. You're not lying and saying you want to buy a good sign out but we didn't have an open house instead. What we had was a weekend of appointment only showings because our realtor had made the suggestion that if there is high demand for a place you want it to be somewhat more organized than a free for all open house where people are all trying to cram through within just a matter of hours because that could just be chaotic and hard for them to give personal attention to each person coming through an answer questions for each person coming through and for you as the homeowner. It's also scary to think that there might be like a crowd of people in your house like effectively a large party without you there already. Everyone's coming but me right and the funny thing is that we kind of knew what to expect from this because our friends had sold their house two weeks before we sold ours with a similar static and a similar house was much bigger than a different price range but it was interesting to watch how there's went because they did the exact same thing that our realtor recommend that we did. They listed it on a Thursday. So it hits. Mls on Thursday but in the notes. It Says No showings until Saturday and Sunday. Call me to schedule that way. The realtor can make sure everyone has their own pocket of time. Nobody's on top of each other and they literally put in the notes are friends agent. Did this as well. We will review offers. Lucky enough to have them on Monday. And so what it does. Is it levels the playing field for everyone? Everyone knows they're coming within a two day span and everyone knows all the offers will come in at the same time and the homeowner gets to. Just wait them and decide. What's the best offer for them? Instead of people rushing to get an early thinking making keep others from getting in if they get their bid in early enough and I think it makes it much easier to evaluate an offer as the seller because if we started getting them on Thursday or Friday we might have been like. Should we not even do showings on Saturday Sunday? Should we just accept an offer and it just can scramble your brain because you don't know what might becoming an? I like that kind of eliminated the rush that I feel like sometimes happens in these selling situations where the process kind of rewards. Who's ever I or fastest. And it encourages people to Sorta like race to get their offer in or to make quick decisions about things but by kind of outlining the timeframe up front. It gave people time to come into town if they needed to or to like double check on their financing if they needed to like it gave people a little bit of time in which they could make sure that they were doing what was right for them and they could offer what was best for them and so it made us feel more confident at the end that we weren't just having to pick whoever was first or fastest or whatever but we actually could look at things in a more apples to apples way because everyone had had the time to do it. Yes and at the very end of the day guys. We have thirty showing scheduled going into the weekend we went to the beach. We were like we're at here. Can I jump in with one other sort of caveat to this because there are people who have asked us? I'm sure some of you are thinking that like. Yeah yeah this is not normal though. This is just because you guys are bloggers like people know you roundhouse. Love Effects. Someone said that to me. I said no like five of my friends sold last month. It's happened to all of them offers over ask multiple offers. Our friend got seven offers. And She had twenty showings and they were all in one weekend. So that number of people flocking to the House for showings and then that many offers coming in it is just a crazy. Low inventories seller's market right now. At least where we live. Yeah I mean I think we may have gotten more showings because of the fact that people know our house and people are already familiar with what it looks like so I won't deny that there probably was an element of it but I think we still would've experienced something very similar. Had that not benefactor because there certainly wasn't a young house when we sold our last two houses in both cases are first and second house sold to someone who didn't know us from Adam didn't care about our block just as like a very removed transaction. I was tell people if you think about the pool of people who know us like whether you listen to our podcast or read our blog. Whatever of that group. There's a very small portion that actually lives in this region and there's an even smaller portion within that that is actively looking for a house and even of that group that is actively looking for a house. It's probably very small. Sliver that are particular house meets the criteria of like it may not be in the neighborhood they want price range they want or the size they want like it is a very very small overlap of. I know of Young House love and I want to buy young house loves

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