Tamara Payne (Ep. 12, 2021)

In Black America


From the university of texas at austin k. Ut radio this is in black america. We've found his information was necessary. We started the reports ten years the call and ten years ago the economic impact that that multicultural consumers were having on the. Us economy really was not a topic of conversation and yet we recognize back. Then i think lakpat about nine hundred sixty seven billion dollars worth of power people's in the billion and we saw that that was the central enough to warrant and to garner attention from client because we also recognize that the growing population of blacks and the growing population of hispanics and the growing population of asian american. And we're going to continue to grow in a way that would for sure have impact on the country. She oh gray. Senior vice president of consumer insights and engagement with nielsen was started a decade ago to give insight into the unique consumption and purchasing habits of african americans has now grown into an industry resource to help brands better understand and reached ethnic consumers. According to the power of the black community from moment to movement the tenth annual report and nielsen diverse in chosen series on african american consumers african american influence on the academy and pop culture continue drive the only significant moments in history but dr changes across industries and digital platforms. Some of the key findings include african. americans are limiting the amount of time. They are spitting out in public due to covid. Nineteen and african. americans are nearly three times as likely to take to social media to show support for their favorite companies and brands jonniaux hanson junior. And welcome to another edition. A black america on this week's program nielsen tests. Annual african american. Consumer report was show grace and black america. Wanted to make sure that we have a few insights and here that pertain specifically to how african americans have been impacted by covert by the social unrest. And how companies are reacting to that and or how they can continue to connect with african americans. If they're doing so for the first time or is they are expanding their outreach programs how to make sure that it's it's relevant for them and their needs so we we have a report. That's chock full of information that your listeners can download as usual at nielsen dot com slash african americans and that's an i. e. l. s. e. n. dot com slash.

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