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Year sport the company's first ever 7 37 Max, a live update ahead. I'm Brian countered with the Northwest experts weighing in on a third vaccine and how it will prompt more mass vaccination sites in Seattle. It's six o'clock from ABC News. I'm sure e Preston Ah third covert vaccine has begun shipping out the single dose shot made by Johnson and Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky says they're working as fast as they can. Get his many vaccines as they can and as many arms as they can soon, millions of doses within the first several days and we'll have 100 million doses available by June, so we couldn't be more excited. I don't believe that we've ever been able to produce that many doses of the vaccine, let alone any medicine in that kind of time in history. Four million doses will be available this week. Another virtual meeting with another world leader for President Biden today. President Biden today holds a virtual meeting with Mexico's president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, The Jew leader spoke by phone just two days after President Biden took office. But this is their first formal discussion. A senior administration official says the agenda will focus on how the U. S and Mexico can work together to manage an increase in migrants coming to the U. S southern border. How to combat narcotics trafficking and address the cove in 19 pandemic. The meeting comes as the Biden administration is on the defensive over the reopening of an overflow migrant detention facility for Children in Texas. Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington The New York Attorney general's office has hired an independent law firm to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against Governor Andrew Cuomo. Baby sees Mike Marcia is in Manhattan, a former aide named Charlotte bid it Who claims that Governor Cuomo asked her several questions about her personal life last year that she took as advances towards the sexual relationship. Bennett's allegations follows another one last December, Former aide Lindsay Boylan claims Governor Cuomo tried to kiss her on the lips, Cuomo releasing a statement apologizing, saying his words were misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation. At the Golden Globes last night. The winner of the best drama No Man's Land director, Chloe's out, also one only the second woman in first Asian woman to take that award. You're listening to ABC News. Stay

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