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Stuff and establishment. Republicans don't understand that Holy cow. Are they missing the boat? I'll dig into all of that on Tony Cats today at noon. Matt Bear has traffic on the facts. All right, Tony looking at a crash Right now It's Bradbury Avenue near South Whole Road and also road work has started East Po's 70 at Holt Road. This is the right length currently closed. That's going to be some road construction going on at least through mid morning. Traffic sponsored by B Window Be window has more than white windows be offers. Total design choices up to 50% off. Less manufacturers. Rebates, plus 24 months. No interest, no payments. The window done calm. I meant there were traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter. W ivy, see traffic call +1888 farmers to switch and you could save an average of $470 on your auto insurance. That's a lot of money in just a few minutes with savings like that. You could be lounging on an impractical amount of ornate and overpriced throw pillows he bought for your couch, but you won't Because you're better with money than that. That's why you're calling us in the first place. Call 1888 Farmers to get a quote today are farmers nationwide Annual savings every day Vigilante December 2020 100

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