JUMP 147: Chilo: A Patagonia Story


Adventure and lifestyle in ways. Meant to motivate you to move and get out and see the world let this show via source of travel advice and inspiration but remember that in the end. It's you who takes the leap. Hey guys welcome back. This is episode one. Forty-seven of jump high high-caste and something exciting has come up. So i'm interrupting our backyard adventure series with today's episode so that we can talk about this exciting thing. Some of you may recall or know about this but two years ago in two thousand and nine thousand nine i went to patagonia with a film crew from osprey packs not to lead a trip for you guys like i normally do but this time to create a film based on my story as a solo female backpacker and while we were there. I invited dan holz to come on the show to talk photography and travel which you guys may remember from back in episode one fifteen but we couldn't really talk about the film because it was still very much on the deal that time and i never really came back around to talking about it except mentioning when it released that september of two thousand and nineteen so the something exciting. Is that our film that we created which is called chile has been selected for an all female adventure film festival called no-man's-land and it is virtual this year the film festival. And it's coming right up. It's actually march fourth through seventh twenty twenty one and you can find everything you need to know and get tickets for it at no-man's-land film festival dot org tickets. Start at twenty dollars and our film is screening. The first day of the festival so thursday march fourth. So i just found out about this. And i wanted to pull the trigger on inviting dan back on the show to let you guys know that this is happening and to actually tell the story of the film and host our own little. Qna about too in a way. Bring the festival right to you and invite you to join us there along with all the other amazing films that are going to be involved this year so i definitely encourage you to get a ticket and check it out. The link is in the show notes for you so down holtz and cory everson where the guys with the cameras for our shoot and i invited both of them to come on the show today. Unfortunately corey couldn't make it. But dan is here to dig into this experience with me. Yes we went to patagonia. Shoot a film yes. We had a shot list and an idea of what we wanted to accomplish. But this is patagonia. We're talking about and this is a place that has a mind of its own and it will tell the story that it wants to tell and so we get into what that ended up looking like and what happened behind the scenes and what the objective for the film was in the first place. And why i chose to take them to patagonia out of anywhere in the world so strap on your travel dreaming goggles again. Because we're going far away for this one. And i really hope that it inspires you to join us at the film festival so here. We go with dan. Okay guys i am back with. Dan holds whom you guys have actually heard before he has been on this show It was actually back in episode one fifteen and we were side by side last time sitting in a hotel room in patagonia actually When which is why we're here today because we're gonna come full circle and go back and talk about that experience so dan welcome back to the show. Thanks great to be here jackie. Yeah it's so great. It's what i'm really excited about is why we're here like the excuse to have you back on. And we're missing corey right now if he jumps on he's going to jump on and we're gonna welcome him with open arms in this episode but he missed that he missed the time. I don't know where he hit time. Right now yeah. But so. If cory johnson we'll just we'll just roll with it. How about that And and everybody out there. Listening understands the zoom world these days and people come and go and so we'll see if he shows up he shows up but So dan you and corey were sort of the magicians behind this This film that we're gonna talk about and I'm i'm really. I guess i'm just honored. I'm excited that we're even having this conversation because our film that we created two years ago. patagonia called chile is getting entered into a film festival. Isn't it that's right. It is and So i just wanted to kind of bring you back on and like real relive that experience and actually talk about it on the show because we never did the last time that you came on and we talked about photography and travel and We couldn't really talk about what we were doing yet. It's kind of a secret. Yeah we had some product that wasn't out yet because we're shooting thumper prospera on their behalf rape out of under the radar. Yeah so let's start with the the the question is Do you want to introduce yourself and just let everybody know who you are and what you do and what. Your role is here My name is dan holtz. And i'm the senior photo video manager for osprey packs which means I go out and shoot stuff. A lot and bruce stuff correct stuff and people to direct stuff than previous step of. He needs a lot of products. Yeah so question for you because this is sort of like the main. Why are we even here. Sort of thing is why does osprey create films. Because i know that some people have been like they made. They made a film like what's it for. what is it about. you know like what. It's they're confused a backpacking company. Well i mean it's a it's a so much more than backpacking but The company that makes packs is producing films. So can you shine a little light on that for us. Oh man look to you. There is now i mean. Obviously there's more than one reason right We want to. But i think the biggest reason is really really wanna just relate to our clientele. Kinda show him the places they could do to inspire them. He traveled themselves. Really you know So we we

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