President Trump returns to the


Orlando. We've got the highlights from that coming up. It's a 30. W W M E l F M. Woodbridge, Washington Now more than ever depend on one. Oh 5.9 FM w m A l. A cumulus stations news now. W e mail news it ate there. Good morning, everyone. I'm John Matthews should former President Trump run again for the White House in 2024 CPAC this weekend conducted to straw polls. The first poll included former President Trump the second didn't in that first poll. Donald Trump won 55% of the vote with Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's, a key Trump ally, winning second place. In the second poll, the one omitting trump descent, this one the majority, but less than 50% in both polls. South Dakota governor Christy Nome rank third with a handful of votes have been brown Fox News. The Senate takes up that massive coronavirus relief bill passed by the House last week. The House bill includes a $15 federal minimum wage, but that proposals all but dead in the Senate, there could be fights over other provisions. Republican senators feed Dane says The measure has too much non covered with Hated spending $50 million for climate Justice. $112 million for Nancy Pelosi's subway for her district. Lawmakers are trying to send a bill to President Biden's desk before March 14th when expanded unemployment benefits lapsed for millions of Americans, Rachel Sutherland Boxes. It's back to classrooms week in several counties across

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