Because we talked about this. So the president's tax returns have been turned over to the Manhattan D A. Right,


Windy and cool but least through the morning hours, and then we'll just say, windy and cool without so much rain in the afternoon. We still have some pretty good showers underway near and east of debt in moving on up toward Oh, Providence and Aubrey in those areas pretty good rain across anywhere from downtown for worth of downtown Dallas through DFW Airport. Gusty winds, too. And even some small hail. Not unusual for this time of year are high today. 52 loader night about 40 will be clearing out tomorrow. 56 warming up Wednesday and Thursday. Right now, a w P A P 48 degrees. 7 34 w B A P. The tax returns for the former President Donald Trump are are out there. I wanted to get into the story just for one

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