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So you do what now so. I got here early. Which i never did right. You don't and then shuttle needed that. I mean i. I arrived nearly everywhere on african time. All right you say that every every week except for today i was on white people city. S that's wrong. Any self eight. It is what it is. So i got here early. I'm preparing our guests talking to alexia. And i'm like matt here. Let me go talk to them right. Quick so i walk right out of the studio and as i'm approaching what i think to be. I looked down is shoes. I'm like oh. This isn't meant abort abort i okay. They are a combination between like a east land or so bagel. Like you know what you're talking about sometimes get it out. Boat shoes all the way up. Warn grade school a shadow of a man. Maybe he rocking work. Duties got rain boots. Cudgeon boats the boat. The boat one. That goes all the way. I don't even know the proper name for wallabies. No all think. But that's like. I can't describe the shoe. That's what made me the mission. Yeah i don't know what it is about. Like twenty twenty. There's a lot of starsky and dues beards out here. I don't know that's my hair again. You got i gotta. I gotta here line right now. I'm not going to head off though. Have you seen that a few times utah. No i've seen it like a little light today. Take data funny. Funny thing is. Everybody knows on ball. You can't really see podcasts. Everybody knows for she. Everybody knows on bald. Right right right and the moments before i lost my hair line right i i would explain that. My barber was doing god's work. Because i had to lebron s caroline and he was self hated man self-deprecation. Okay okay okay. So much in the middle like my shit like is not fading but then like every woman whose opinion valued as always keep it bald. So usually go that. So that's how you feel about the we have. We do have a woman look better ball. Just take their word for it about ball over here. You know something iconic ruins who we all do. You didn't like it when you was didn't have a choice. Sorry i'll get my is very loud right now. Help me arrive his conclusion. I got dm today. Somebody was Was thanking me for my hairline. Really for my agency. Unique just wonderfully wanna get to the kobe status pro-life probably with the eighth towards like you know when a hairline is it's a strong hairline it's seven much further back. I always do the forehead always forefinger test so much had just make sure my should take i. I couldn't couldn't deal with it. Keep going back gone. i'm. I'm just twenty years from now like to the middle flex a line. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah so like stephen. As joined is actually misaligned but people don't pay attention. Yeah because it's still far back. We look at it. Thanks so it really is. Because you don't see steve anyway. Anyway ma'am welcome to the show the podcast. This is your chance to eavesdrop on four creatives as we discussed the sources happenings. Inspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music to culture join us each week as we put envelope on. The possibilities of the creative industries are host for this week are of course you boy. Main man twenty grand brown. What's up as many twenty twenty. Oh gonna take some ten getting mighty go here man. Thomas aka facilitate el paso. That's the no look no tune in the system. I apologies heo. Is the kid backpack aka mr backpack. Spf stuff a lot of stuff going on right now but will maintain quite on that. It's time please introduce our guest host for the week. We have rebecca. Neue service up to the people i had. I had to practice that on the way here. Say you as always we're coming to you live from the lobby of the lion hotel right here on full service. A alexia never fails with our extraordinaire. Lets you hey. Good audubon someone that was that was. Something crashed the matrix processing speaking of our neue. Who noise time so word of the day. Why are you screaming. Were brought to you by dick. Stereo dot com. This is our chance to hopefully expand vocabulary. You don't really work. This was pretty easy. You guys today's word. The day is caprice capri car. Ooh capri caprice. I'll give you the actual definition before we go to the car. A sudden unpredictable change as of one's mind or the weather. Use it as a now. So i guess walked right. Nobody i'll start off since I read the shouldn't advance so anyway flipping from needing to go out every night to enjoying being in the cred stacking money has been quite patrice. Also shout out to tom. Tom caprice classic caprice. Classic if you know you know if you know about caprices book most caprices sentence must be a know. That's a classic car from the nineties. Definitely a big hit fo fo. I saw tweets at the national anthem. I agree with it. Would it be Still tipping or would it be international players anthem. Roll three stacks. I how many know slim thas week john. That's not even the pimps bombie major. I'm talking about nobody. Crawley look like something like that. I don't think people could even might recite for words to the to the course. Anyway the honest which yes so caprice debate at this moment. Ten fifteen years man. I had an interesting question. Oh my manager is getting married bro. Okay those a man get his name. Is julius getting married. He's officially a fiancee or fiancee. Or whatever you want the yes. He is committed. Brown is beautiful. We went out for drinks. One night right nichols are more massive girl due to get married and he was like right at this moment. Yeah no shut up. Tom wanted friends. That new gas. Go grab a drink before i was. I was on the committee like that. I'm the best man that's why you're the best have y'all been were.

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