Episode 187 - The Staves


Hello and welcome to another edition of the jacob on songwriting podcast. We hope you're keeping well. This is brian flanked in the virtual sense. At least my co host. Simon and this episode shines the spotlight on an english. Indie folk trio makeup of siblings. Jessica camilla emily st louis taylor as we record this. They very recently released their triumphant fourth studio album good woman produced with john congleton recorded following a period of considerable personal turmoil. Two thirds of the band joined us over sume a few weeks back for most enjoyable matter about his creation much more. We're very happy to welcome jessica and camilla of the staves to the show the staves hail from what harper in the south east of england. Just outside london. They sang a lot around. The house is kids and the parents who are not only musical themselves. What's also boasted pretty solid record collection consisting the likes of simon and garfunkel james taylor crosby stills nash springfield and of course the bills that who hails from the where all all over the water. Has we call. Our side of the mazzy told them the guitar while the moments from wales and grew up in a community of male voice. Choirs and instilled in adults is the power of communal singing. The sisters took their first tentative performing steps at the regular open mic nights at the local pope. The homes initially going under the name. The safely taylor's before it was abbreviated to the altogether snappier the staves as they gained in confidence they began gigging locally then around london and gradually began to see music as a possible career. In the late northeast jessica relocated to liverpool to study at our old stomping ground lipa camilla. Emily would regularly visit her and office is. He became something of a second home to the band. Following jessica's graduation twenty ten the staves released their ep facing west which attracted major label interest. And the band ultimately science wetlands in twenty eleven they also supported the likes of the civil wars there and michael kiwanuka on tour debut album dead and born and grown released in twenty twelve was produced by the father and son team of glenn and ethan johns the first time they've produced the record together. I think Follow up was recorded in the wilds of wisconsin with justin van and bonnie there on production duties arrived in two thousand fifteen and debuted in the top. Twenty of the uk album charts. Their third offering. The way is red was released in twenty seventeen. I was a collaborative effort with

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