On it doesn't show you what the offensive images are. I think they should.


Couple of years ago, in addition to how people of color are portrayed in his Children's books through Orientalist And anti black stereotypes and caricatures. And if you haven't thought about it, you will When you see it, you go. Yeah, that's the way Dr Susan gruesome people and they do look Asian. Or they do look like a minstrel character without Them necessarily being Asian or it necessarily being a minstrel show, But some characters were drawn that way for humorous purposes. It says here they're almost always presented. The Orientalist or or others as subservient and peripheral to the white characters. The cat in the hat. Perhaps Seuss's most famous character is based on minstrel stereotypes. The cat's physical appearance, including the Cat's oversized top hat. Floppy bow tie white gloves frequently open mouth mirror actual black space performers, as does the role he plays as entertainer to the white family and whose house he does not belong. Said the school library Journal. And you know, when stuff like this comes up, I also think about White Christmas. And how you which is a lovely movie. My family loves watching it every holiday, But when they do the minstrel show, I don't think that movie would suffer for just excising the whole thing. They don't wear black face in the minstrel show, but everything else is all a minstrel show. And it's not even that. It's not the best part of the movie.

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