Most profitable deceased celebrity is Michael Jackson. Number two


Negative depictions and or mistreatment of people or cultures. Throughout the Syriza. I Dis Warner Brothers do that with Bugs Bunny or whoever owns the Bugs Bunny franchise. Now will you think about some of the things that were said and done in those old kids? Cartoons bugs money among them. And I don't remember now what the resolution was to some of that to you edit those out or just Take those off the shelf or do you run in with a disclaimer? You know, how do you offer context? It's complicated, isn't it? And sometimes you might say, you know, it's best if we don't say anything, and then we don't even shine the light on this. I mean, that's the problem. I think when sometimes universities or schools decide to go after their mascot or nickname. Some of them are obvious. Some of them are less so.

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