Golden Globes 2021: Complete list of nominees


Let's start off with the major categories. First of all, for best picture. For the Golden Globes. They break it down. Best picture drama and best picture, music or comedy. So let's start off with best picture drama in which the nominees are Nomad Land. This is the amazing movie with Frances McDormand. Who, you know, play. Somebody who's her life is sort of falling apart and she gets in a van and hits the road and lives in RV camps and recreational areas taking on you know little seasonal jobs along the way. It zest a very sweet and very thoughtful, touching movie. I think this is going to be the big winner for tonight. You know People love Frances McDormand. I think that this is gonna have a lot of Lot of success at the Golden Globes tonight. It will be up against the trial of the Chicago Seven, which, if Nomad land doesn't win trial of the Chicago Seven is going to win. This is the Aaron Sorkin. The written and directed production about the famous Chicago seven trial that took place in Chicago 50 years ago. The Carrie Mulligan movie promising young woman Is a revenge thriller, also an outstanding films nominated for tonight and also the Anthony Hopkins movie called The Father. Those air. Your nominees were best Drama for performances in the dramatic category. For actresses. The nominees are Violet Davis on Drew a day, Vanessa Kirby, Frances McDormand and Carrie Mulligan. For best actors in the drama. The nominees are Riz Um, Ed Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Hopkins. I think the winners are going to be Frances McDormand and I just I don't know how Chadwick Boseman Doesn't win. He's amazing in the movie Ma Rainey's black bottom. But you know the fact that he passed away the young age and nobody knew that he was fighting cancer. I think that probably is going toe play into the Planted the decision making also for best movie, musical or comedy. The nominees are Boer at subsequent movie film Hamilton. When they put together a television version of Hamilton in the put it on Disney. Plus, this got nominated. The motion picture called Music was nominated, as was the comedy with Andy Sandberg, Palm Springs. And the Ryan Murphy directed production. The prom. Which has Meryl Streep and has just AH, whole variety of very talented actors. That's also nominated for best picture as well. I kind of have a feeling that Borat is going to want to ping the winner tonight in the musical or comedy category. For best actress in a motion picture Maria Buckler Cova, who is placed Borat's daughter in Borat. Subsequent movie film Kate Hudson from music. And, uh, Anya Taylor, Joy dominated for the movie called Emma for best performance by an actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy. Sasha Baron Cohen is nominated James Corden from the prom Lin Manuel Miranda from Hamilton Dev Patel for the personal history of David Copperfield and Andy Sandberg. For Palm Springs again. I think it's going to be a kind of in a reverend pick, but I think Sasha Baron Cohen could wind up being the winner. Now. The Golden Globes also give out

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