Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 240 - burst 10


Have to realize and it seems like two or three. I wanted just one just one ladder here. We have one so far is one. It's only one ladder which i don't think it is. I think it's that didn't match at two three okay. What you're three's twenty of them. I'm good two or three will be exceptional because well listen. You have to say to accept it because you know you gotta sometimes you have that like you. Use one of them to climb for them to match up with the person more of a one. Because that one you use it as another participant in the match just one is a third dance partner springboard dropkicks knocks eddie ladda. I do one of the things i do. Remember mismatch which. I'm i'm right now. I sort match like a few months ago. Because i love his so much like active. I watched this. I want that is more than once. The second ladder to to ladder count right to

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