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The most aggressive cop haters, the people that are taught to hate the police more. These are the people that are brainwashed by these brain dead liberals. And they are taught to be aggressive cop haters and there and living in communities that are over police because of the simple fact that they are so crime ridden And people that actually live in these communities do not want to defund the police. People that actually live in these communities do not want less police. They want more policing. But you will never hear their stories are their messages on the mainstream media because that is not what the mainstream media wants New York one. I believe that I did a story where they went to some of these neighborhoods. Deep in Brooklyn in New York, because their areas in New York that are that I'm telling you that you do not ever want to go to. Okay. Brooklyn ain't Park slope. Okay in downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn gets very real and they went to that area of Brooklyn and they would they ask these people If They wanted more less belief. They always said more police because they know how dangerous these communities can be. And when there are less police on the streets, it is more dangerous for hard working people. Of all races, but particularly hardworking African Americans that live in these communities. And so I want you to look at all of these Beale in cases. Look at George Floyd, Look at Jacob Blake. Look at Dante, right. These are all people with lengthy criminal records that put them into the position to have police interactions. And

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