Final 2021 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings: Trevor Lawrence and Then What?

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So guys let's start off with the quarterbacks as this is probably the least eventful group especially because we just let mark handle this position group. Because that is his forte his speciality. We don't even really need to go through the ordering or anything specific with this one as we're going to do it the other position groups but the thing that's worth noting is it. Mark was highly reluctant to really go past mack jones and then after thinking it over he threw in kellyn mind. Davis mills kyle. Trask jamie newman. And that was pretty much it so i think we can all agree here that the quarterback class in in this year's nfl draft isn't exactly very good on the back end. There's a lot of really good talent at the top but as we start to push towards the second and third round like we don't even have a third rounder in this group. There's not really a lot of good options now. It doesn't really tier that way. Joe obviously you have the tran said quote unquote time trevor. Lawrence. and then. There's a lot of debate on who that actual second quarterback would be adjusted sales from ohio. State zack wilson from byu. Mac from alabama. It seems like the jets. Presume that zack wilson from byu. And i mean. There's a lot of rumors that three the san francisco forty niners are really all in on mac jones but we'll find that out next thursday. It's gonna be interesting. I mean outside of the top five quarterbacks in legit all five of them could go for the giants would be ideal for the new york giants. That would be absolutely but outside of those five. It's it's kind of a crap shoot between callum on. I'll trask davis mills. Yeah i actually wasn't surprised to of see the look of pain almost on mark's face when he had to we almost twisted his arm into throwing out his like second and fourth round quarterbacks. This is a very top heavy quarterback draft class and part of that could just be the position. Where if you've got a quarterback who is able to be accommodated starter. He's probably going to be a first rounder and probably a high first

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