What to Expect at Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event

The Tech Guy


Going to have an event there their spring event the call it spring loaded which you know i mean you can spend a little too much energy reading apples tea leaves. They don't tell you anything but implies that it's going to be a big event it's loaded right with stuff hard to know exactly what apple is going to announce You we get some leaks from the what they call the supply chain that the people who manufacture it mostly in china. It's hard to control those leaks for apple. Apple's pretty good at keeping its employees from telling anybody anything but You know the factory workers in china they're low paid. It's probably not too hard to get them to you. Know leak out information. So the supply chain has some information for instance We're pretty sure. The rumor mill. We not me. i don't know anything. The rumor mill is pretty. Sure there'll be a new ipad but it'll be the high anti has the ipad pro and they're kind of do a year old now. I actually love the ipad pro. It's expensive it's as expensive as a laptop computer so it's really buying a laptop once you had the keyboard and the track pad and the you know it. It's really buying a laptop with A more of a i o s like operating system so it kinda depends on what you prefer. It's a simpler operating system. If you're used to desktop computing might feel a little constricted but on the other hand. Simpler is easier to use for people like roger. It's really a or anybody who doesn't want to be a computer whiz. It's always a good choice. The ipad pro. We think we'll have a new screen technology that apple is going to be embracing across all its ipads and laptops called many led and really. It's an lcd screen. Just like they've been using but with a better backlight system little tiny. Led's across the whole back so it's got full array local dimming. The technology they talk about. Which gives you better contrast ratio. Because you really a better picture

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