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On. Cbs ginny and georgia for season. Two on net flix and secrets of sulphur springs for season. Two on disney. Wow that was a list. The ones that. I'm most excited for on. That list are superman and lois. I really enjoyed what they have done. So far in the first part of the season. I'm really enjoying that a lot and virgin very happy about that. One coming back for seasons three and four. I am definitely looking forward to that. Show continuing even though there will not be much of an emphasis on the duke and duchess relationship which was the hot and heavy portion of season one. And now they're going to continue with the books and going onto other characters in their stories. And i have to read those. I have them online on my Kindle but i have not read them let it be noted the podcast pop is getting himself into trouble recording so i will be editing out. Some gaps is tripling down on its commitment to the fbi sees franchise renewing the mothership series for season. Four and spinoff. Fbi most wanted for a season. Three's that's additional. Cbs renewables and announced additionally the network as handed an official series order to the second off-shoot fbi international that was put into development earlier this year and will debut next season in a crossover episode of fbi and fbi. Most wanted months before its second season is set to bow apple. Tv pluses animated comedy. Musical central park has been renewed for season three. And that's show that i have discovered. Recently i watched season one odd couple of months ago now and i really enjoyed it for what. It was very very niche. But i like it a lot in making the pickup announcement. They also confirmed the first three seasons of he's into will debut on june twenty fifth. Which means that. Obviously they know that. I'm a fan. So they want to release it after right around my birthday. So that works out great for me and it also has been announced that umbrella academy star emmy raver lap. Men will replace kristen bell as molly. Which i think is a really good idea because it always kind of made me a little confused about why kristen bell was playing a mixed raced mixed race daughter in the family so i'm glad that they may have corrected that for season two. It'll be a little weird to have a different voice coming out of her mouth. But i think it'll be good. The cancellation list is not as long as the renewal list. But there are certainly quite a few cancellations as well the twilight zone after two seasons on. Cbs access and not moving to paramount plus special after two seasons on netflix world of dance. After four seasons on nbc. Home and family. After nine seasons on hallmark it returned to a one hour three day a week format at the beginning of april and the series finale for that will air on wednesday august fourth also cancelled american gods after three seasons on stars and showrunner. Neil gaiman has announced that he's committed to finishing the story in some form and will be updating new when we have more on them blessed the hearts after two seasons on fox. The right stuff after one season on disney plus and macgyver after five seasons on cbs. The series finale for that is coming up pretty soon this week. This coming friday and don't after one season on abc so clearly don't won't crack myself up. I hope that makes you giggle as well. I don't even know it don't is it's a it's a game show is hosted by adam scott and that's the majority of all the information that i know about it and i watched nothing on that list so i am indifferent. Fx is getting ready to strike one last pose. The emmy winning ballroom dramas. I've coming third season. Which premiered on. Sunday may second at ten nine central will be its last with the series finale slated for june sixth but queen of the sows sows. Rain is coming to an end. Usa network has announced at the crime. Drama will wrap. It's run with season five. Which has already premiered as of april seventh dope as the last season for queen of the south. Amc has also announced that killing eve. Its upcoming four. Season will be its last as well. But they have noticed. Noted that with an asterix to that news the cable or says that they're working with killing eve producer. Sid gentle films limited to quote develop a number of potential ideas to extend the shows iconic universe production on the eight episode. Farewell season is set to begin in early summer. The own series alania fix my life will end with upcoming eighth season. Ian la fix my life will kick off its eighth and final season on which has already premiered as of april tenth. There will be a two hour. Series finale on saturday may twenty second. I've seen ads for it. But i've never seen an episode. I only have a vague idea of what it is burden of truth. Which is the canadian legal drama that has been on the cw for the last. Three seasons has been announced to end with the fourth season castle. Mania on netflixif end with a coming four season which premieres on may thirteenth. I don't know anything about that. Other than the fact that it's an anime series that i've never seen before moving on from cancellations and series endings. How resurrection or two. After five after a five year hiatus inside amy schumer is heading back to television by way of paramount. Plus amy schumer acclaimed series will return for five specials at the

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