A highlight from Episode 194 - Nitin Sawhney


Who was making renominated. One thousand nine hundred nine breakthrough beyond skin and he joins us over zoom in late february. Talk about where on its welcomed. The prodigiously talented nissim sony to the show. This was born in dulwich. South london and raised in rochester kent. His dad was a research biochemist. While his mom was a classical indian dancer who also taught dance and english he studied piano is a child. Achieve musgrave eight by the age of eleven as well as classical and flamenco guitar sitar and tapa. He was exposed to a wide range of different music at home such as indian classical music. Flamenco cuban music rock and pop. He was also introduced to job folk music on a family trip to india as a teenager causes performing teeth variety of musical settings from orchestras to punk and heavy rock bands as well as playing sitar tablet the local sikh temple he briefly studied law open liverpool but soon dropped out in ten south enrolling at the university of hartford shits the accountancy with unique sanjiv sky. He performed in a comedy team. Secrets asians pair. Revenge given their own bbc radio show which would evolve into the hit radio sketch series. Goodness gracious me when the show made the transfer tv netting up the doubts deciding his future like very much music and unbalanced say made the right call. He's pretty handy on the old guitar. I'll say either. He's not bad. He released his debut solo album. The massive attack inspired spirit dance in one thousand nine hundred ninety three which was followed two years later by migration and displacing the priests the year after that then came the aforementioned beyond skin in one thousand nine hundred nine two on the southbound showed as well as being nominated for the mercury music prize. He subsequently scientific to the mobile award. Winning prophecy in two thousand and one of the studio albums includes two thousand and eight. London under sound on what she was joined by. The likes of paul mccartney initiatives shankar and imagine heap twenty eleven days of meaning which featured narration from late british acting. Luminary john hurt and twenty fifteen dystopia dream which was adapted into a piece of contemporary dance theatre in two thousand eighteen outside of his own recording career nitin is composed the tv not least the acclaimed twenty eleven bbc documentary series human planet hand scored over sixty films. Most recently warner for this mildly for netflix's in two thousand eighteen written music for video games and theatrical productions and conducted orchestras. We haven't even mentioned this. Dj or his work as a broadcaster and cultural and political commentator either. He puts his all to shame. He does was the deserved recipients of the novello lifetime achievement award in two thousand seventeen and was awarded the in the two thousand nine hundred ninety nine for services to music. He's also received a number of honorary doctorates including aleppo fellowship. In two thousand eight checkouts are playlist for this episode to hear several tracks remittance. Terrific new record. Immigrants along with a selection of quotes from the back catalog will link to it on his page at so dejected. Dot com slash podcast. Keep abreast of

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