A highlight from #452 Hold Me Close


Hello there. Welcome back to the casinos english. Show with me your host agostino zinger and this is episode number. Four five two. That's cuatro cinco dwells cuatro cinco. Those cuatro cinco dias better donor. Hope you guys are doing well wherever you may be. it's me your host. I seen zinger. It'd be the first time. Check out the show the a youtube no ought to do smash that like porn. Click subscribe terming vacation. Bill come down below and give me a share if you listen to podcasts. Up a five star review on your podcast application specifically apple podcasts will help get to show up the rankings or please if you've got five minutes put a little review in there for your boy and whatever else from using and of course support via patron is more than welcome to my patient. Patient dot com force agostino four slash a. g. o. s. T. to get one bonus episode paul week amendment of one. It could be too could be free four but you both absolutely excellent singer. Show live indirect raw content. real opinions. Nothing he see only on patriots. Make sure you sign up to pay. Chicken dot com for shos. Eight g. o. s. t. i h. o.

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