Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck's Montana Vacation Photos Leaked

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Get out those magnifying glasses. Honey because we're about to zoom in real post gene and been. They were spotted driving to the airport in montana after a week. Long vacation. sources originally insisted they were spending time together as friends but now we can confirm because we are e and we know everybody. It's more than that now. In this photo you can see in the driver's seat and j.lo's looking a little serious probably because he's a bad driver and in another photo it almost looks like they were holding hands and getting on that ej. I saw these photos. And you got your your investigative dissect these what did you think. Okay so i said this yesterday. And i'm gonna stick by this. I think that when celebrities do not want to be seen they go on scene when you have two people of this starpower jennifer lopez and ben affleck if they wanted to keep this more private have especially with the. Pj you land under the cloak of knights three thirty in the morning when nobody is at that airport. You control the private plane. That's the whole point flying. You writing a driver. Seven hours is but you know this was very much like gabe that where they stayed at his home in yellow but the yellowstone club. I looked this up. There's only eight hundred and sixty four members of the club so it's not like they went like you said yesterday to the beverly hills hotel. It's a small place it's very private. it's very exclusive. So now we know why there were no photos of them while they were staying on his way. But i think to kind of just jump in your suv in the middle of the day under sunlight and get snapped

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