Deutsche Bank Is Still Hot for Apple Shares

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Deutsche. Bank is still hot for apple. Shares tip ranks has deutsche bank analyst sydney ho issuing a note offering iphone numbers about which i do not care. Okay that's not true. The numbers are interesting and notable. Though the part i find most interesting is his news around apple retail about half of apple store. Customers have come back like physically. According to mr ho wall store traffic bottomed out. In the spring of twenty twenty it has improved sense and is now at about forty percent of fifty percent of the volume seen pre pandemic. It's like the reverse of that. Nature is healing thing as for iphone. Those numbers are relatively consistent. In fact those are his words tip. Rank says since the pandemic's onset the iphone share of the us installed base and length of smartphone ownership has remained in hose words relatively consistent when looking to make a smartphone purchase. The beat goes on to say fifty seven percent of iphone users and tend to get the latest model just below the fifty nine percent. Who plan to do so. In december of twenty nineteen storage wise lesser inclined to get five hundred twelve gigabyte models the highest amount of bailable although sixty four gigabytes appears to be insufficient to most since december twenty nineteen consumers. Buying sixty four gigabyte models have dropped from percent to eight percent while in the same period those purchasing one hundred twenty eight gigabyte models grew from twelve percent to twenty four percent. Sounds like a better asap to me as for the five g super cycle. Ho doesn't seem to think it's here yet. Quoting his note. The launch of five g smartphones does not seem to have significantly change the length of smartphone ownership both iphone and other although we do expect a refresh cycle to accelerate when five g. infrastructure is more built out. Deutsche bank has by reading on apple shares. the firm's price target on the shares is one hundred sixty dollars

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