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Some text to speech systems. I mean as far you can understand them. They sound grit. Wavenet sounds sounds cool. Custom voices like the bbc. Sounds pretty good. But what people don't really understand. Is that really to make them sound proper. Natural not robotic and not kind of boring and making you switch off with through. It does require a little bit of you. Know attention requires shaping and moulding is that is that where you see linguists really helping our as far as the snl. Monaco been making things. Sound mall human definitely like like probably for maybe the beginning choosing the voice actually. It's also nice to help To know about the phonetics of voice and the a voice can can foreign by and So that you can really help Explaining why certain some good or Might not be the right fit for. Maybe you're brand custom assistant but also as you said for lulu as l. tuning meaning and so on ready to help haven't earphones and to Now want paul's those can actually do in terms of emphasis and all these Now trend mechanics actually Which are in a voice and the voice paramedics s. I mean that's that's the end part of it. And he can do so many mistakes and so many wrong things at the beginning when you start developing the essence start thinking about how should this t t a sound and whereas the defensive record him on oh and how won't get changed the whole deal in that that's another erkki. Just do without them and if that goes wrong the best estimate on help you to find unit to have occurs matic voice in the end in. Go one step. I suppose before as well and making sure that you've actually you've got the right words in the first place in the right order. So we're getting talkin about covers my voice assistance. We're gonna question from malcolm auckland moment while we're on the concept of voices and you know t t s and all that kind of stuff that you You announced a partnership with vocal ide- relatively recently joined. Tell us a little bit. More about will then tells we're thinking about how could we. Maybe we would try to fit our like persona dine that we create on linguistic character traits and so on that we would actually like most of the cases to also have the voice which exit to that. So i think it's good to Also partner or To communicate with each eds providers Right at the start so that you don't come into project and you have already selected boys and then you then you do the persona. The is i smarts to Yeah start at the beginning and work together where working at the moment is usually have two models. One is very general like it says everything perfectly and house perfect pronunciations and has all the words so it can sound nice but most of the time it's very without a character without charismatic without everything because it's not recorded that way then afterwards he pulled on top the voice like like how should it sound and sounding is not the same as emotions and things like that and we thought and still believing that is historic data at the beginning And to should start at the beginning to have a Voice and that's why we got in contact with them and then start thinking about. How could we developed the first grade a mental models for this voice before even going into how voice sound so. We wanna give it emotions. I was Interest in what are you finding from the work that you do in. We'll we'll get into the the supposed to relate to charisma. It is really commitment. But it's more broader than that. I i would would agree. But i would. I would put charisma as kind of a personality. Trait could be one of many kind of traits. If you like but the concept of having a persona and overarching persona on a brand voice is something that you know some companies have. It's what we talk about quite a lot. You know but the doesn't seem to be a tremendous lord of examples of things. I cost him. Brian voices in in the conversation is based on lord. It's getting there but what you see in from the work. They are doomed. The clients that you're doing. What's the appetite for those those custom voices and costumed personas and things. That is that like a monday thing that you always do or is it something that you kind of need to spend a bit more time selling en and all kinds of stuff well again quite fast. As a matter of fact the courses will once you explained to them that this is. I mean this is the person speaking to your customers in the end was you'll worry so. The persona design is not only the part fall forward voicing auditor that a sound or emotional voice. It's also words. it's It's it's you'll conversational partner so to to have conversation unique to people you need to persons bolsa. Dan own uses story. And if you just go for a use case and i want to fulfil you use case then it's very one sided conversation nobody stat. Even if i'm not interested in a conversation and talk to you and you come on and you bubble bobble you keep on talking. I will have a use. I have my own user story already will have in my act out this conversation. And that's how i speak. That's how i phrase my sentences replies to you and presumably design is more than just. How does voice. It's it's how does it speak. how do i react. What do i want. The i want to try and sell something as well to make that person more comfortable in this situation or Maybe educate that person on something else that i could also do in grand like i'm telling you how to screw in schools somewhere because he just went to a care and bought new bad. It's so much more than just the

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