A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: King Karatsev rules Dubai; Zverev outshines Tsitsipas in Acapulco; Leylah Fernandez arrives in Monterrey; Latest Wimbledon updates; Miami Open Men's and Women's draw previews + predictions


Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the show. jolan kim. The tennis pub costs by fans on today's episode backed by our crowd funds. Lee stanley antionette occasionally king corrupt. Have rules dubai. Sasha zverev takes acapulco and the miami andrews despite a host of big player withdrawals kim. The miami is just found the corner. We've literally just had the menstrual so we've got a lot to a lot to discuss. Got tournaments as well. We are slightly delayed. It was my birthday the weekend. So i afforded myself a little bit of extra time off mainly for my birthday but also we could look at the ministry which happened. This evening was as land corrosive winning by the best birthday present. You can keep the best birthday present. I got was from you. I was so. I was amazed because i go to present during the week and i was like. I didn't know who this was from. And then when i open on when i opened on saturday and it was from you and i read the car and it was it was so it was so hot warming and also also happy to receive. It will make well joe. I have to put up with the every way to say. The least. I send us base in the post saying as you can't get to the pub is very true. I don't say you also twenty s. I believe because lockdown birthdays. Ain't count and this is your second one say. I'm in total denial about turning thirty one. So yeah i think that's the that's the best approach to have just literally not thinking about the fact that been in unlucky group of people who've had to lockdown birthdays in the uk. Anyway let's get onto the tennis as we said. We should be very quickly. Not swelling on joe's age Yeah so we've had lots tennis as per west. We start acapulco joe. how about they've acapulco. Let's go screw loco down an act bucher as saying guys so we had the five hundred events this kind of ferry. according to plan in the final Well we had the top geez aids Sits pass ends vera of You know they've met coffee times now. And sarah of came out and talk this time round six four seven six slide. The unexpected semi-finalists. I would say Which is probably perhaps the most interesting take from the week especially lorenza mazzetti making his way through to To the semifinals and on the other side dominik for think anyone had thought name on their radar. Coming into this event. yeah it was. Like a mix of familiarity at unfamiliarity. I mean the final itself. I think i watched some of the highlights. It was a real. It was real entertaining match. The kind of came out on top of it really ebbed and flow. There were big bed changes. I'm still don't really sure how cisa pass lost that. I i think he was four one up and had three points for five one and very came into it. And i think that that really i think for me was the the mark of how much vary has improved In terms of maturing think on the tour in the he didn't let get away from him. Despite the you know what like on the scoreline and again in that second set he was able to kind of win the big points or play the big points better particularly in the break and it was such a fun match to watch. Because i think. We've we've spoken about the rivalry between zverev and pass for you know. I feel like a long time now. In we've had other players kind of come into the like medvedev like group love. And i think this was a little bit of a reminder of actually these are like these like the to jeez the necks chedda about originally and it was kind of good to see them on a real. Show that pleased. The police defines in acapulco. 'cause i think it was a really fun final towards i say akpokavie. Such a fun told me. I think it really lived up. Really lived up to expectation out definitely. But joe wasn't oh. Gee i've just may or maybe listeners. Also you were wondering what is original gangster sporting. Yes not really a sporting tab sexually that like the originals and it was a good reminder. I think of to the kind of source. I think of that up and coming generation. That was kind of sat a few years ago. I mean very very young and it feels like he's been on the tool forever and i think surpasses sort of in a similar situation. So that's that's kind of what i bet by. I think very might prefer the term original gangster because he kinda came out in the media to say he saw of sick of being called next jenner. You know he's he's a stoppage. He's being on the tool for years. He's proven to some extent that he deserves to be there reaching a grand slam final. He's won the atp finals etc. He's one moss's event. So i think he's kind of made the point that really want to have to have tag on me anymore. I think in a way that that's true because people like musashi They all the next gen. Now it's moved on. We need to kind of rebrand set and players on the tour. I suppose on sits fast would be another another one. He probably yeah is not good next gen and is very much now and he's been having a good season Lost in the final macbook but still a very decent decent performance. Says he hasn't actually ever won a five hundred Oil almost level and yet he's been in quite a few of those finals but is zero and six on on five hundred which is interesting. I didn't realize he had such poor conversion record at that kind level of tournament. There's something about his is finals records. The is not you he. He will obviously want to kind of put right. Because you know he's playing great and getting to kind of the latter stages of the tournaments he is entering but when it comes to kind of the big final showdown Particularly in the more high profile tournaments is not really doing is. Don't really doing well. I mean he zero and thousand five hundred zero in two in mazdas finals. And if you compare that to his record at two fifties he's four no Is a real kind of stock kind of comparison there and yeah. I mean i think this final i mean you could look at it. Occupied got away from him the that that really was quite pivotal into he will be kind of really kicking himself that the you know being full went up had chances sky five one and he was able to kind of win not sat and almost kind of stola and i think in some regards. You'll miss stole the the second set as well. So i think the pass there will be he will kind of look at his game and i think realize that when he gets to finals in a he he needs to he needs to step it up and you know he's no. I don't think he's doing that. The movement on the on the biggest stages No for sure hell hopefully be able to improve on that in in miami. But we'll get onto that later on. So joe what did you make of lorenza mazzetti this week. Because it's very young italian player. He's nineteen years of age. I believe and was only his fourth. Atp main draw. He's gone through to the semi finals. He said his first win. Over top ten player beating diego schwartzman. He is now in the top hundred as well Making waves on the tool that we already had him on a radio on rada win stan last year which i think really put him on the map but like where do you see him. Going from now on is he. Is he a row. Prospect to march is this. Something is really great. I mean for italian tennessee city unbelievable misaki and yannick sinner. Who's obviously been making ways of his own. The season they have been really really impressive and necessity. This week was just Yeah he was just really great to watch. I really love his single handed. Backhand it reminds me a lot of cardiff rashad gas gays back canned and i think there are some comparisons that particularly i think in the way the gasquet kind of broke onto the scene. Nothing arguably mazzetti is doing it in a similar sort of way and you know there will be people out there who you think will think that know really big career of had him and he will need to make sure you know he can kind of follow through an all that talent that we kind of seeing on the court of the maidment. Because he's he's he's out some. Some winds have been very very impressive mean to get to the semifinals defeating dimitrov He defeated frances tiafoe. Frostiest actually did the one of the biggest racket smashes ever seen on match point. I think so.

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