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Learn how at Cintas com Cintas ready For the work day for the Wildcats of Abilene Christian out of Abilene, Texas. Joe Golding, the 10th year coach who played there is a point guard in the mid nineties. Hell started out like this, a junior Damian Daniels and six points a game shortest guy left in the tournament of five Ft. £740. The other guard is a senior named Reggie Miller. Ironically, back in the house that Reggie built here. Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the former MBA star, but Reggie's a six Ft £150 guard. You mentioned Colton Cold Dan, and that's the leading scored 12 points again. Very balanced, Joe Pleasant 10.8 points a game and Korean Mason 10.7 points a game. He is a senior that rounds out the starters for the crew from the South Land Conference U C L A. And Mick Cronin. They started out with jewels, Bernard a 10.6 a game Cody Riley, the big fella You mentioned it. 692 55 also 10 a game. Johnny Juicing has been the guy for them so far in this tournament, 23 against Michigan State a game high 27. The winner gets BYU and then high Bay hockey as leading rebounder, second leading scorer and the man that sets the table. Tiger Campbell 5.5 assists per contest. Second best In the Pac 12 Conference. Abilene Christian huddling on the floor in the purple uniforms with white trim and U C L. A doing the same in the home Whites is the better seed with a blue and gold trip just about time for the opening tip. Sponsored by Geico, proud partner of March bad to see all the ways you could save at Geico dot com. Are officials. James Breeding Michael Green Steam by Ridge. Erin on a couple 1000 here. An attendant says We saw the other day it Hinkle Fieldhouse. Damn! This one should be a lot of fart. It should be. We talked about the pace of the game. Can Abilene Christian with their defensive pressure, speed U C L A up because you see l A as mentioned plays at a slow pace. Can Tiger Campbell really? Control this game from the point guard position without scoring it because that's one of his biggest drinks. First meeting all time between the Bruins and the Wildcats. Abilene Christian Turn, Division one in 2013. They became postseason eligible in 2018. And now here they are. The round of 32 ball. Is it center court. It's hoisted in the air and tap back by Colton Poll of Abilene, Christian and the Wildcats Go right to left on your radio dial to start is here. The round of 32, a banker's life fieldhouse. Top Korean Mason will take a quick three

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